iCloud Email Custom Domains is now out (in beta)

Sign in, then look for the Custom Email Domain heading in your Settings.

I am so tempted. I’m looking at cancelling my Google Workspaces/G Suite/whatever it’s called service and moving to iCloud Email.

However, I’ve never used iCloud Email. I suppose it would mean moving Google Calendar over, too, as well as dealing with errant Google Drive files…

Anyone else thinking about signing up? What might hold you back?

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I’d like to do something with it. If we did a family domain, I think the biggest impediment for my family members would be losing chat while signed into Gmail. They’d just have both email accounts open.

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I’ve been very happy with Apple’s email. It started out rough but now I find it the most reliable of the various services I use. I have been wanting to do something with a custom domain for a long time so I tried out Hey but I couldn’t justify the cost. But, if Apple is going to provide this service now, I’m game!

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If they would “fix” their 2FA, I’d be all over this. I really want one-time-use codes like Google does. I would like to be able to check my e-mail at work, but can’t have my personal devices on me, so even temporarily adding a trusted phone number doesn’t work, because I can’t be in two places at once.

Really excited about it! Unfortunately it doesn’t allow username less than 3 characters like hi@domain.tld. Considering @icloud.com also does not allow it, I assume it will never be available.

Interestingly, just tried to set this up on my Squarespace site and the CNAME provided by Apple during setup isn’t being accepted as a valid domain for some reason. I don’t know DNS management well enough to understand why but I’m guessing that it might be a limitation on Squarespace’s side.

The Macstories write up. Setting Up a Custom Domain for iCloud Email - MacStories


I’m going to set one of mine up and ditch a VPS - as it’s only me that uses it.
If that goes well after a while I might well move one of the family ones, as it says you can have multiple domains.

I’m going to keep one domain (the main family one) where it is for that reason, it’s also the one that has my main apple id attached to it.

I moved my domain over this morning and it all went pretty smoothly. The support page Apple links you to in the setup email states to ensure you use the trailing period, but my registrar/dns provider (Name.com) did not want them.

So far everything has been working smoothly. I don’t do any business or anything special with my personal email, internet order receipts and light communication. This would shave off the $3/mo that I was paying mailbox.org to host it. I was already paying Apple for iCloud storage anyway.

No promises I’ll stay here long as privacy is still a concern, but I’m at least willing to try it for a while.

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Anecdotally, I’ve used iCloud email for years and it’s always been rock-solid for me. I imagine I’ll use this when it comes out of beta.

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Was that originally announced during WWDC this year? I don’t remember such a feature being a part of the announcement…

If this really did come out of left field as a surprise, I’m super excited and stoked. At the same time, I’m shocked and confused as to why it practically came out of nowhere?

I think it was announced as part of iCloud+ at WWDC. Looking forward to trying it! I wonder how it will compare to Fastmail?


Not even considered signing up; Fastmail is so much better for email (also with custom domains).

What has been your experience with Fastmail? I’m trying to decide between Fastmail, Google Workspace, and iCloud+.

What has been your experience with Fastmail?

Excellent product/service.

Support can take a bit longer, but sometimes you can then even discuss issues with the developers themselves (and the developer I was most impressed by, in all my years as a customer, is now their CEO).

To be a little bit more on-topic: custom domains at Fastmail.

I like Fastmail a lot, but I ran into a super weird problem about 6 years ago where emails from my personal account (custom domain) would not make it through my work’s filters. It was something the way Fastmail was getting caught in work filters, I assume, because it worked again perfectly when I switched back to the Google suite.

A very small issue, but it made me ask: “What other emails I am sending to people aren’t making it?”

I might give it another shot because I do like their setup, although calendar sharing on Google is still way easier.

I’ve been a paying Fastmail customer for 19 years with no issues.

For now I’m sticking with my custom domain hosted at my protonmail account.
Will wait to see what this evolves into, and might look at a change in a few years.

I briefly considered Fastmail a month or so ago, but hated their mobile app. I guess I could use other apps with a Fastmail account, but that feels like wasting money.

The serverside rules are somewhat appealing.

Still, Fastmail would be another subscription vs. the iCloud service I’m already paying for. Hmm…