iCloud / iMessage / Messages Delays?

Has anyone been experiencing any delays in sync at all? I will be on my iPhone / iPad using iMessage, sometimes the replies come first on my iPad before my iPhone or vice versa. Other times, the replies come to my watch first and there’s a good 1-2 minute delay before reaching the iPhone/iPad.

The Mac experience of Messages has been getting worse and worse with message/sync delays.


Yes, as have others.


this is a constant and regular issue for me for imessage sync. Generally, anything that relates to iCloud sync is not reliable and is unpredicable for me. Not sure how come Apple (as a 3T company) still cannot fix this simple issue but other companies like Dropbox never misses a beat

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It tires to send it to the device you are using first…… (it sometimes has to guess) before it dings other devices. So if you are working on your iPad and your phone is in your pocket it should show on iPad…. should sync pretty quickly but not notify you all at same time (if it’s working right)

My particular set up is:

  • Mac Studio
  • Mac mini 2018 via Jump Desktop
  • iPad Pro 2018 connected to the Studio via universal control
  • iPad Air (original) running Touch Control
  • iPhone XS

All on my desk as I work form home.

And iMessage pops up on all of them within seconds. Can be annoyingly distracting at times … :slight_smile:

Yea, it’s been weird.
Morning example - working on the kitchen counter with my iPad texting someone, the conversation is occurring on the iPad, yet the replies are coming to my iPhone (I can see a few feet away on the kitchen counter) and I am just waiting on the iPad for them to appear still. It’s strange that the device I am using isn’t getting the response first.

The worst is the Apple watch by far….imagine being 4-5 minutes into a conversation, and then your watch start vibrating with the first message that started the thread. :joy:

Agree fully with @fuzzygel it’s been many years with the same problem with Apple. Not sure why this isn’t a focus usually.