iCloud Shared Photo Album(s)?

I’m thinking about using iCloud Shared Albums to share photos with my parents. I was wondering if it would be better to create albums for each big batch of photos I want to share (one album per trip or event) or just to create one shared album with them and add to it over time. For folks who are using this feature, which do you use? Does one approach work better than the other?

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I use both approaches. I have shared albums for events which are self limiting (wedding, birthday, trip), I guess once everyone has had a chance to see everything they can unshare. I also have shared albums for open ended collections (eg pictures of a family member to be shared with grandparents etc).


For sharing with my family I am setting up albums per event … easier for the people to scan through rather than (after some time) scanning through hundreds of pictures when looking for a specific one.

We use this feature in our family extensively, in the following ways:

One-off albums - Holiday photos, group events etc, we create a shared album, allow others to post and encourage everyone to share their photos of that event in one place.

Ongoing albums - For example, for photos of our son, I created an album that only I can post to and shared that with family. Otherwise, we have a general “Family” stream that anyone can post to at any time.


I just got back from a trip and while I usually share all my photos at the end of the trip via AirDrop with other people, I forgot to do that this time.

What is the best way to share my photos with that other person who is also on iOS, some 300 photos and about 10-15 videos?