iCloud Sync - Desktop and Documents

I have written about problems with the iCloud sync re Desktop & Documents in the past. On a few occasions the sync has stalled as it did in recent days. I have tried the log out and log in routine(s) for iCloud and these procedures do not appear to be effective, … but perhaps they are, … because iCloud albeit 4 or 5 days later has kicked in and re-downloading(syncing) the iCloud Desktop & Documents Data. This magic is amazing but wish I would know where I stand as this creates enormous upheaval and frustration mucking up automation etc etc, … and I am not sure if to persist with this.

It’s a funny thing, why tick the box in iCloud for sync of Desktop and Documents when an alternative is to just drag what you want synced to iCloud Drive?

In passing I am speculating my problems might be associated with some experimentation I do with file managers like Forklift and Pathfinder that "corrupts " the interface with Finder, because many have a problem free experience.


Do not know about others but the reason why I like Desktop & Documents enabled is because I do not like how iCloud Drive has all these folders that apps create automatically.

Placing all my content that I want across all my devices in Documents just makes sense to me naming-wise too.

It has been a week since I switched to iCloud Drive and it is smooth so far.

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I use forklift too, and haven’t had any problems with desktop and documents syncing.

If it’s a persistent problem, you could try ResilioSync or SyncThing instead, though they don’t keep a copy of your files in the cloud.