IFTTT Pro introduced

IFTTT is introducing a Pro subscription plan. It apparently will cost $9.99/month, but users who sign up now (until October 7th) can pay what they want for the first 12 months.


So I’m assuming I would be paying $10 a month in a year’s time if I went with this.

Of IFTTT, Integromat, Zapier, etc would IFTTT really be the best use of the money?

This is a genuine question.

First, as far I’m concerned, IFTTT lost me when they redesigned the service: it’s a mess, things are buried where they don’t make sense.
I’m using Zapier and I think it’s way better, much more powerful, polished and integrated. And the things are in the places that make sense. It’s more expensive but offers much more, and I trust them a lot better.

IFTTT is a waste if you had to pay. For $$ Zapier is probably best bang for your buck.

If you don’t like paying money, IFTTT is a solid choice although they are lacking integrations. I wonder how their free plan will be affected by this.

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I’m quite willing to pay the $10 but would find it easier to justify $5. Also writing off over the whole family would make it easier - even if I’m the only Automator.

I’m surprised that - in the admittedly small sample of responses - nobody has mentioned Integromat (which looked pretty when I checked it out a few months ago). And I note the Pushcut integration with it.

My actual take is that I’m prepared to pay the money at around this level as long as I use the heck out of it. Right now my usage is relatively light.

I also find IFTTT a bit of a mess - or at least my use of it. So maybe start again with Zapier or Integromat.

Very hard! They only allow 3 user defined Applets…

(I currently have almost 40)

For $0.99/month or $9.99/year this would be a no-brainer, but now I will investigate alternatives.

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oh no.
oh no.
oh no.
oh no.
checks IFTTT applet library
confused screaming

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sounds a bit like crashplan.

Corporate solutions done…? Check!
Viable enterprise clients…? Check!

ok, now to get rid of the “normal” customers: 9.99 per month subscription anyone?


The IFTTT app is so poorly designed that you can’t even check out what’s possible. I was a Zapier user, but switched over to Integromat and haven’t looked back.


Trying out Pro for a month and must admit that the new JavaScript filters are a welcome addition:

However, this also made me realise that almost all my applets have the same input (RSS feed) and output (Remember the Milk task). Maybe I can write a small Node server (in JavaScript) that I can run on my Raspberry Pi to replace IFTTT (Pro)?

I have some JavaScript/Node.js experience, but have no idea whether this is a good idea…

(I might benefit from the fact that I already have written a minimal JavaScript module that can add RTM projects/tasks in Scriptable)

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The idea of a dedicated Pi is an attractive one. They’re not expensive - especially if you don’t have my tendency to go for a maximal configuration. :slight_smile: (I have 3 and could surely spare one for such a thing.)

Ha, I also have 3, but currently I’m using only two:

  • a Pi Zero W to report electricity/gas usage (to a Homey)
  • a Pi 3 Model B+ which runs Homebridge and an MQTT server

(I have a spare Pi 3 Model B, but I think the B+ can handle this additional task)

I might look into n8n.


Have a look at n8n (pronounced Nodemation). This might do what you want, without building everything yourself.

I’m using it, although not on a rpi, and like it. There is a pi topic on their forum.

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I had a brief look. Could get it to run on macOS, but not on a Pi (probably a firewall issue).

Not very impressed by the RSS trigger node; it always fetches “all” RSS entries instead of only new ones?

Unfortunately there is no “Remember the Milk” action node, so I would have to write that myself (which might be fun).

On the other hand this increases my appreciation for IFTTT; it has exactly the trigger/action nodes I need…

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Might actually be possible using these two modules? :smile:

If you do a lot of IoT like I do, I suppose IFTTT Pro is worth it. I am paying $2/mo for now, but I’m not certain I will be willing to pay $10/mo in a year.

The only reason I use IFTTT in my smart home is to glue different protocols together. I use a SmartThings Hub with a few SmartThings motion and contact, Echos, and HomeKit. Some things work with HomeKit and Echos and not SmartThings and the other way around. IFTTT helps me connect SmartThings with a few other devices.

The nice thing about SmartThings (before the update to their Alexa Skill) is that you can create virtual switches that allow you to control devices not native to ST. This will probably mean I can be less dependent on IFTTT in the future.

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The easiest way is by using the Docker container.

Some integrations are qute easy with the generic http request node. In the end, most integrations are just that. I used this one for calDAV and Pushover integrations.

You’re probably right as there is no datastore for workflows afaik. I’m not using the RSS node though. And if RSS is your main usecase for n8n, there may be better options, such as Tiny Tiny RSS.

I’ve played with node, and nginx, and Apache on Pi before. I should imagine I could rustle up my own hub.

As long as I can reach the Pi I’d be golden. Inside the house that’s easy as I’ve assigned each Pi it’s own IP address. Outside not so easy.

As I THINK @TiffanyW_412 was alluding to, the actual protocol handling is the fun part - finding the right form to eg add a Trello card. But I think I’m up for that and then I have all the control I could want.

Set up a VPN on your router?

Or use port forwarding and make the Pi externally reachable over SSH? (less secure?)

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IFTTT has now announced that if you name your own price before Oct. 7 they will honor that price forever, rather than just the first 12 months.