iMac late 2013 HDMI Connector to second monitor

Hello Power-Users,

there is a strange thing, on which this group of experts might be able to help me :wink:
Following @MacSparky suggestions during one the last episodes I am trying to connect a Lenovo ThinkVision T24i-10 monitor which was standing around somewhere here. I was in the Apple Store and they recommended to me the Belkin Mini-Display to HDMI adapter which I bought and after doing some trying around and repeatedly the same stuff (turning it on and off and on and off, connecting - disconnecting … ) it worked - in portrait mode next to my 27" screen showing calendar and tasks.

A couple of days ago I returned from a trip during which I had the iMac at home switched off. So turning it all on again - since then nothing worked to get the second monitor running. It is the exact same setup: Belkin HDMI Adapter to Mini-Display Adapter connect to the port on the iMac - HDMI cable to Monitor - both devices switched on … the Lenovo remains dark. When I connect it to my MacBook Pro it works without any issue. the worst thing is: it worked before and it was great and NOTHING changed :frowning: Funny enough: it walsh works with a VGA adapter … but come on: VGA nowadays while having HDMI?!

Anybody an idea what I am doing wrong or should try?

Thanks a lot!

I am using the same adaptor on late 2013 21.5" iMac. The second display is a 27" Acer LCD. This is all fairly new, so I am not sure if will run into the same problem. I didn’t to which adaptor it is. I am presuming it is a Belkin adaptor. This is my first day with the new display.

So far I am not having any issues.