In need of video gear

I coach teachers and teams in the public school system. I often use my iPhoneX to video individuals as well as classrooms. I been using my snowball mic with a 10ft cord and dongle for better audio and a tripod for stabilization. I may have money to buy equipment. I’m thinking I may want a more mobile mic and a gimble stabilizer. What would you PowerUsers suggest?

I’m very happy using my X with a DJI Osmo Mobile 2 – good features, reliable, and the price is right. I heard good things about the Steadicam Volt, too.


For video shooting I use a Zhiyun Smooth 4 gimbal, a Rode Video microphone and FilmicPro as a shooting SW, if I cut the video on the iPad/iPhone I use LumaFusion, which is a great software for cutting videos. Sometimes I am using also a momentum lense for which I need to add counterweights to the gimbal.
That combined is the preferred for me gear for shooting videos on the iPhone.

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Thanks so much for sharing!