iOS 14 Widget Screens!

Now that iOS 14 is out…who wants to share their widget homescreen?!


I must say Apple have done a nice job with iOS 14. This will make my move back so much better when the time comes.


Like what you have done, but when I went to replicate I had some problems. I created a smart stack widget then edited it. It didn’t allow me a calendar option in the smart stack. Any thoughts? Calendar widget works fine on its own

Ah ha - thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile: 20

Here’s mine :slight_smile:


Cool – works well.

Is there a way to manually unstack apps? It looks like one needs to delete the stack and start over. I must be missing the manual.

Gack!!! @ChrisEdwards how did my cat get onto your phone!!

(Note to self: you don’t need Agenda twice on the same screen.)

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edit the stack and swipe left to delete a widget it from it.

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Here’s mine (I deleted my earlier GIF when I realized there were some confidential items in one of the widgets).

All of the widgets here are stacks. The top stack is Calendar, Things, and Drafts.

Middle left is Weather and Streaks; middle right is Fitness and Photos.

Lower left is Music and Podcasts.

If Sonos and TuneIn ever release iOS 14 widgets, they’ll get stacked with Music and Podcasts.

This is my only home screen — anything not seen here is in the App Library.

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I always like these threads, so I’ll throw mine in the ring. Also, I re-created this Homescreen background from another user that I saw on Twitter the other day, so it’s not original to me.

Homescreen #1: “Calm”

This is my initial Homescreen, and I have everything that helps me maintain a pleasant demeanor here. This includes Photos, Memories, Weather, and quick access to Music + Podcasts.

  • Top Left Widget Stack: CARROT Weather + Maps
  • Middle Widget Stack: Day One + Photos
  • Bottom Widget Stack: Shortcuts for Directions to my Next Event + Music to quickly play some playlists (note I’m using a new app “Menu Items” by the Toolbox Pro developer)

Homescreen #2: “Tasks”

This screen I use as a “planning / quick look” dashboard. I can see my day + week at a glance here. I’m sorry I blurred out the Fantastical widget. I don’t know if I’m allowed to share that.

  • Top Widget Stack: Fantastical (beta) + Things (Anytime list filtered to a “This Week” tag to see a bigger picture look)
  • Middle Wdiget: Things Today List
  • Bottom Left Widget: Things Inbox
  • Bottom Right Widget: Things Tomorrow List

Homescreen #3: “Weather Master”

I’m having a lot of fun with the weather widgets from CARROT. I live in FL and we’re still going through hurricane season, so being able to create a “dashboard” to view current conditions and monitor any tropical storms is really cool.

Here’s a video of the first Homescreen in action:


One thing I haven’t heard many people talk about is the ability to “enable” and “disable” Homescreens by tapping the “Dots” while in “Jiggle Mode”. I see a lot of potential here with showing / hiding different layouts for different needs / wants. For instance, maybe you have a Homescreen you use while at work and another while at home and this way you can disable the “noise” while you’re home, but still see all your work stuff during the day. :man_shrugging:t2: I’ll likely be playing with that some more.


The large widget is the excellent Apollo app. I have set to show random pictures from r/Spaceporn.


Yea maybe so. :blush: Maybe one day they’ll release an automation for Shortcuts to handle it for you.

Wow! It looks like Android 6. :stuck_out_tongue:

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my new homescreens (I’ve got just 2now)

No 1

And no 2

I live across two countries with very different services and personal needs, so there definitely is a use case for that. Switching 3-4 times per year between configured home screens makes a lot of sense for me.


Mine. Experimenting with prioritizing key widgets and apps and leaving the rest to Siri and app drawer.

The timers widget is mostly experimental - and mostly applies for iPadOS for me as when I am around the house, I tend to prefer the apple watch and/or timed reminders since they are baked into the OS.


Yes, the two OSs seem to be converging with some GUI elements while still having core philosophical differences. I find iOS far more stable as an OS. But Android has greater granularity of control.

The primary thing I see Apple losing focus on it’s it’s “intuitional approach” that it had when it first designed the iPhone. I have to use “search” more and more to find certain settings… :man_shrugging: :man_facepalming:

I love Apples implementation of widgets. I expect ally love how you can stack them. It’s allowed me to have the minimal number of screens, 3, while still having all the info I need at my finger tips, and organized in stacks in a way I understand. After using the Note 9 and 10, I prefer the way Apple made their widgets.

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