iOS 14 Widget Screens!

I’m surprised that nobody has mentioned the Google widgets yet!

I guess nobody in this thread is using them… :laughing:


My widget set up is pretty simple.

Oh, you have the Discourse Hub app? You should really try out Fig instead. :wink:


Great write up! Gives me lots to think about.

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Here’s my widget start… err… home screen. It is beautiful, isn’t it? :rofl:


I have tried Fig but it is not quite fully-baked. For example, when I try to quote using Fig, I get the notice below. I like Fig but it still lacks a few features, unless I’m missing something. The screenshot is from my iPad.

Wow! How? :laughing:

Easy to do. Happy to provide an assist. :slight_smile:

Interesting! I will forward that to the developers. :thinking:

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I can’t speak for others but given that our organization uses Google Enterprise I don’t have a choice when it comes to work. That said, GE is a lot more privacy focused in educational venues than for personal use. I do not use Google for personal use at all other than my junk email address. Otherwise I use Safari and or the Brave browser and iCloud. I also only use DuckDuckGo for any of my Internet searches.

I am the same. I try to avoid google.


If you could use an automated Shortcut to turn on/off the first Homescreen depending on location, i.e. work/home, would be a powerful option.

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This is my Home Screen on my iPhone

Prior to iOS14, I used to have a whole pane of widgets on my iPad Pro when in landscape mode. But now I can only get to my new customised widgets when I’m in portrait mode and swipe from the left.

Why cant I have my newly customised widgets on my iPad Pro to appear all the time to the left in a pane on my iPad anymore?

Also,I’m so annoyed that the new Shortcuts widget only allow for 8 shortcuts now.


So that button was turned on already… What am I doing wrong here?

Oh yeah! My Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S10) crashes about every 10 minutes… :rofl:

Last time I rebooted the phone was when I got a new security update. Which you get on a monthly basis.

I suspect the answer to my question is obvious and in my face, but I don’t see it. On your first page (where the Edit button is shown), what type of “widgets” (or not?) are the things with grey borders holding four “widgets” (or not") inside each? Widgets inside widgets? How are these made? I can see how to “stack” to make “smart” widgets, but these seem different and how to make is eluding me. Thanks.

Those are Shortcuts widgets.

We are having a step competition at work and just had to put my steps as widget on my homescreen with widget smith. Cool app.

On the lower end I have to rows of my most used apps (that is a widget as well)

On top I have a Smart Stack with weather, calendar, files and battery

really liking the new system

So I guess I’m just not allowed widgets in the Today View on screen on my iPad anymore… too bad


Thanks. As I’ve not used Shortcuts very much yet, I didn’t recognise. I’ll explore.