IOS 16- everyone’s favorite new thing?

What’s everyone’s favorite things they like from iOS 16?

I have a couple reminders templates, quick note, I want to like the Lock Screen but having trouble with it. Haven’t really played with anything else yet. I know it’s nothing important but I use that stuff a lot.

Anyone else want to share?

I’m using Quick Note a lot and I find it even more convenient than Drafts as I don’t need to switch apps.

Rotating photos on the Lock Screen. Simple, but very pleasant.


Editing messages. (Trying to get everyone I know to update to 16 so it works correctly!)

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Yeah, limiting users to 4 tiny widgets feels like a bad decision and really limits my enthusiasm for the new Lock Screen dramatically. Why not at least two rows of four widgets? On the other hand the rotating picture gallery is awesome. My wife loves to be able to see a new photo of the grandkids every hour.

The other hidden gem of iOS 16 is the new options you have for the final disposition of screenshots.


Love the widgets and weather on the home screen.

Lock screens with Focus Modes and filtering


I forgot about that. That’s a great feature with the wifi.

Just Press Record widget for quick capture from the lock screen = #bonus

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this is my favourite too

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I have tried all of the features on iOS 16. Here are my favorites.

  1. Rotating pictures for Lock Screen,
  2. haptic feedback for keyboard,
  3. Things 3 widget for adding notes to inbox.
  4. Duplicate picture finder, OMGGGGGG!
  5. updating Astronomy Lock Screen. I love the earth one!!

I agree with comments here that limiting the widgets to 1 line made it less useful.

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I use Health to centralize health data, and I have been using a separate app (Pill Reminder) for medication management. Now that Health in iOS16 includes Medications, I’m hoping to ditch the Pill Reminders app. I’m using both for the time being while I acclimate, but so far it looks promising.

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Sorry, but what is this rotating pictures on the Lock Screen. Mine doesn’t do that.

Create a new lock screen and choose Photo Shuffle up top. Then select the people/album you want and set the shuffle frequency. It won’t be available in the first day or so of having the phone as it needs to process your photo library first.


Pressing on a person/object in photos and dragging out a cutout of them.


I haven’t found an actual use for this yet, but man I love doing it.

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Its great for creating memes on the go.

It’s silly, but I really do love the dynamic island. Last night, I was listening to podcasts, and using timers as I made dinner. I loved having the little status bar up there for the timers especially. And then my battery was low, so it gave me a warning. It’s so much more unobtrusive when they put things there. Nothing to flick away, just a little status bar type message that is easy to ignore.

It’s just extremely well done. That’s how I have felt about iOS 16 in general. It’s all just really well done.

Yes, I do like the new lock screens and lock screen widgets - maybe this is what will get me into focus modes finally.

Battery percentage display is great too, and I’m pretty sure my battery life has increased after the update.

I wish we could have more focus modes though.