iPad Pro 10.5 stand recommendation

I am looking for an iPad stand that will enable me to adjust the angle of the iPad Pro 10.5" from flat to 45 degrees or more. This will help me use my Apple Pencil more effectively. I’m currently propping the iPad up against my MBP. Any recommendations?


Elevation Labs DraftTable. Super solid, very adjustable.


Thanks for the recommendation, @ChrisUpchurch. Does the DraftTable work if the iPad is in a case?

Yep. This is a stand that the iPad sits on, not something it attaches to.

Cool. Thanks, @ChrisUpchurch. I’ve been using an iSlider for years. It works really well, though there is a bit of flex when I press on the screen. I’m tempted to pick up a DraftTable.

That looks pretty nice.

This forum is just as bad for my wallet as listening to the show :joy:


Amen to that!! We should get a commission! :slight_smile:


For what it’s worth, I love Elevation Labs. They make great products. I don’t have the Draft Table, but I do have a number of their docks and their CordDock is great.

Looks like it will really do the job.

I use my Moko adjustable case. It doesn’t do flat but near enough. This is occasional use set-up.

(off topic) Bought these from Amazon… for reading and using with a separate keyboard. Holds my 10.5" in its case… Stands up to slide typing and general finger poking better than i expected. $18 US — Got mine for $10 on a lightning sale


I like the Parc Slope from Twelve South. You can’t’ adjust it, but it is solid. I have one for home and one for work. The real downside though is the glare from the light above your desk or dinning room table (read 'home office").


Chris, this looks promising. Do you happen to know if it will also hold a 13" MBP like the ParcSlope?

The specs say it does, but I haven’t used it withe MBP. It is too hard to type on the new keyboard at that angle.

That makes sense. Thanks!

I have the Draft Table and it is an excellent product.

I also have a stand from Cremacaffe that I really like. Not adjustable like the draft table but it can be reconfigured to several different angles. Also super portable http://cremacaffe.shop/products/kolibri

And I don’t own one, but the Yohann stand is very intriguing. There are several YouTube videos that show how it works

I can vouch for the Yohann stand - it is fantastic!

Thanks everyone for the good advice. It was difficult to decide what to get but in the end I ordered the DraftTable. Thanks again for taking time to respond.

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I am interested in draft table as a stand. I like that it is portable. Question for those that use it: seems like it is meant for drawing or graphic design. I would use it for note taking and annotating PDFs. Would this stand be a good
Choice for those uses? I have the parc slope but it is very heavy on the table and hard to adjust the position slightly as needed. I divide my use of iPad Pro 12.9 brwtween the Apple smart case (majority tiem) and nite taking.
I would be happy to invest in this if it work comfitablwu for what might use it for (text, not drawing).
Also, how heavy is it?

I’m sure hoping it works for note taking as that will be my use case—per image above. :slight_smile: If not, I just wasted $50. :slight_smile: