iPad Pro (11 inch) Keyboard Cases?

Hey MPU Fam,

Any recommendations for iPad Pro (11 inch) keyboard cases that allow you to type in landscape or portrait view?

I’m often in meetings where it would be nice to have the option for either. My iPad doesn’t arrive until maybe Monday, but I really want to get a case so I can keep it protected and I’ve found that I really love having a keyboard case.

Thanks in advance!


Do you own a Magic Keyboard? This is what I use when I need to travel with a keyboard.


Because of the Smart Connector I think you may struggle to get a Keyboard case that does that runs off the iPad.

There are many 3rd party Bluetooth keyboard cases, but I’ve never found one that matches up to the Apple Smart Keyboard cases or the Logi Combi (I use this one on the iPad Pro 11”) but neither Apple or Logi support portrait mode.

I’ve always found Bluetooth keyboards to be slow to connect, they usually need to be charged to work and have had intermittent problems with either lagging response or repeating key presses.

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Gotcha. I was hopeful. I found a few startup types but they all seem kinda crappy. For the cost of some of these cases, it seems like it would be relatively easy to add a swivel or something to allow for portrait, but…

I’ve had a case on my old iPad Air 2, and loved it. Bluetooth, rugged, but no portrait. And it only folded back, so if I was carrying the iPad to lecture, the keys were on my arm.

I’ll poke around a bit and if I can’t get what I want, then I’ll survive. :slight_smile:

I figured if it was available, someone here would know.

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I don’t have the Magic Keyboard. Have a few older style Apple keyboards, the kind that take 2 AA batteries, but I hated having to carry around a separate case and keyboard back with my iPad 2 (way back in the day).

Perhaps I’m dreaming for too much!

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