iPad Screen Cover for better Apple Pencil Feel

What are people’s experience in using a screen cover for their iPad primarily to improve the feeling of the Apple Pencil on the iPad. I’m currently not using any screen cover on my iPad. I’ve gotten used to the feeling of writing on the glass with the Apple Pencil and don’t mind it too much, but it’s certainly not as good as writing on paper.

For those who are big users of the Apple Pencil for applications like GoodNotes (my primary writing application on the iPad), what do you do: cover or no cover? If you use a cover, which one do you use? I know that Paperlike is popular with many. I also saw a cheaper alternative called Paperfeel

Are there others you would recommend?

Did these covers eventually wear out? Did they damage the tip of the Apple Pencil?

Is there anyone who went with one of these products only to go back to the naked screen after some time of using it? I’d be interested in hearing your experiences.

Any answers to the questions above would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks for this thread, I’ve been meaning to ask the same question!

I remember the folks on Connected talking about screen protectors. Here’s the episode—I’d encourage you listen before ordering:

I haven’t listened to it recently, but if I recall correctly, they ultimately recommend https://www.moshi.com/en/product/ivisor-ag-for-ipad-pro-11-inch/black-clear-matte. I think.

I use the Moshi on my 12.9 and it is great. Aside from being a nicer writing experience, it significantly cuts glare


I have a Paperlike knockoff that works really well. The extra bite it gives means I can write quickly without the Pencil skittering away from me. I’ve been using the Pencil much more since I added the screen cover.


fiiine. I’ll order one…

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Can you link the episode?
Seems you’ve linked the screenprotector twice?

Shoot, copy-paste error. Fixed!

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Thanks, listening to it tomorrow!

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What is the name of the product?

Well, that’s a good question. It’s made by ZOEGAA and this is the Amazon link I get from my order history, but the name isn’t obvious from the listing. From what I’ve heard, the higher-priced ones are easier to apply without trapping bubbles, but I managed.

Ordered the Moshi, seems fairly simple to attach and clean.

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The Moshi is an excellent choice. I have one on each iPad and they both provide a better writing experience than the normal surface. Based on a recommendation here I bought a Paperlike. Installing it on an iPad was much more complicated than installing a Moshi. The Paperlike was a piece of junk. I threw it away and put the Moshi back on.

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I originally started out using matte finish screen protectors, but I found that they were grinding the tips of the pencil down at such a rate that I was replacing a tip every couple of weeks or so (I was still a graduate student at the time and constantly writing). I ultimately went with just a basic glass screen protector that I still write on to this day. Granted, it doesn’t feel as nice as the matte finish or the paper like screen protector quality probably is, but I’ve gotten used to it over the years and now I can’t imagine using anything else.

Do you recall which protectors you used? Was it the Moshi, Paperlike, or something else?

It may have been Moshi which had a rougher feeling of matte finish on the device. I haven’t tried out Paperlike, so perhaps that’s a bit smoother.

I have the Moshi too and I don’t know if I love it or hate it. It’s very weird. The writing sensation definitely is closer to paper, which is very nice but it dulls the screen a lot. Which is… interesting. Almost like looking at paper, which makes the screen a lot easier on the eyes, but is extremely far from the usual crispiness of Apple screens. On the on hand, I like the feeling so far. But on the other, I’m like: I bought this flat, gorgeous slab of glass for so much money and I’m making the screen… worse?

I’m using Paperlike for a year now. It works great, smooth writing, no wear. The writing experience is definitively better than writing on the ipad glass directly.

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This is the one I use.

I love the texture for everything, whether I’m using the Apple Pencil or my fingers. It makes drawing feel much more natural.

I’ve been using the Paperlike for 6 months now. It’s the only product I’ve tried so I can’t compare to any of the others. I’ve been very satisfied. Installation wasn’t bad; you just have to be careful with dust. I haven’t noticed any wear on the pencil tip and the sharpness of the screen is fine for my use.

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I’ve been using this one on my 12.9” iPad Pro for at least 6 months. As an artist, using this matte screen cover has really improved my digital drawing experience with the Apple Pencil. I hesitated at first because I was concerned about losing some of the image quality, but after my brother, another artist, let me try it on his iPad, I was convinced to give it a try. The screen still looks beautiful. I draw on this iPad almost everyday for at least a couple hours and I just changed the tip on the Pencil after 6 months. This matte cover was a lot cheaper than the Paperlike and included 2 covers. I have heard that the Paperlike was a little rough on Pencil tips. Hope this helps.