iPad stand on eye-level?

Hi there,

I am looking for an iPad stand for my desk in school. I’m a teacher. Always with me is my iPad pro 11’. On my desk is a bluetooth keyboard I like, so there is no need for a keyboard case. I prefer the smart cover from apple.

When I am on my desk I would love to have the iPad ergonomically correct on eye-level. Do you have any recommendations for a stand or something like that?
I realised that the smart cover is magnetic, so maybe something metallic the cover could stick to…?

Thank you!

You might find some inspiration in this topic.

This post in particular.


We spoke about this on Connected this week: https://www.relay.fm/connected/292

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I recently purchased the Rain design Mstand Tablet Pro. I wanted to have my iPad Pro 11” at eye level for the many video meetings I have now. You can see more about it in this post. I have loved it. Good luck!