iPadOS 13.4 released with cursor support

iPadOS 13.4 just dropped.

First thing I did after installing it was connect my brand new Magic Trackpad 2 and try out the cursor. It’s pretty nice. Much better than just using the Assistive Touch feature. I run a Magic Trackpad alongside my iMac Keyboard and so far using it alongside my iPad feels quite natural.


Some apps definitely need updating to work with the trackpad (no scrolling or swiping in Spark, for instance).

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A dream come true, I’ve been waiting for this day for quite some time. Can’t wait for the new magic keyboard with trackpad!


Living that lifestyle since last week. Fits perfect with my forced home office because of Corona since I am iPad only at home:)

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Now I absolutely cannot wait to get the Magic Keyboard!


Does the update fix the screen rotation bug? If you are unfamiliar with it, the screen locks to portrait when you first ‘wake up’ the pad, requiring the user to have to physically rotate their ipad until the ipad figures out it has the screen the wrong way up. (Never happened in iOS 12)

I still see that behaviour

Anybody with an external display able to confirm whether the cursor shows up on the external display?

I’m wondering about “docking’ an ipad with a separate keyboard/track-ad/monitor as a desk setup.

Yes’m it does. I’ve been using the cursor on an external display and it works just fine.

Cursor support works great and feels quite intuitive.
But there will be lot of apps that need intensive work, such as Things 3. Once you have the trackpad or mouse you intuitively want to drag items to projects in the sidebar, but you currently can’t.

First impressions - I love it, but not thew ‘wobble’ of the icon when moving across it. I’ll disable in settings.

It works for me.

There is sometimes a slight delay in Things that I don’t currently see in other apps—it seems more likely to happy if I try to drag a task that isn’t currently selected. But after that short delay, I can drag tasks around within a project, or to a different project in the sidebar.

Thanks for the confirmation.

Time to explore what external monitor is best for iPad work… :smirk:

Count Microsoft’s apps among these. In Word, the cursor doesn’t change to a text bar and trying to insert the cursor or select text in Word is nightmarish.

Will the Magic Trackpad 2 allow me to pair to both the iMac and iPad Pro at the same time? (Guessing not, but you never know with Apple magic…)

It’s like any Bluetooth device which pairs with one piece of hardware at a time.

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Really enjoying having my iPad with the track pad enabled as part of my workflow. It means I can note things in a spreadsheet while having all my development applciations open and it is almost as good as on a desktop, which is ideal for me.

I hope Microsoft updates Excel soon though, there are lots of parts of the interface that still require a tap on the screen, such as when you apply a filter or clear one.

Microsoft seems to be pretty good about adopting the latest iOS features. I’d have higher expectations for them than Google.


Shows fine, but the Thing is as many apps got optimized to use external displays as projectors (PDF Expert for instance), sometimes you cannot see nor use there cursor. Also, for every other single app, there’s only mirroring, not extension of desktops.

Second point to take into consideration is that Magic Mouse gestures to move between spaces/mission control and home screen do not work. You’ve got to click and hold. It’s definitely better suited to trackpad than mouse.

Third, there’s still the problem of different aspect ratios and weird cropping when using external displays.

That said, it’s most certainly going in the right direction!

Yeah, but it’s still missing running different windows of Word or any Office App… hope we can have those trackpad/mouse features soon!