IpadOS 15 and quick notes

I’ve just got to tell you all how much I HATE quick notes on IOS 15.

I don’t want to use the feature as I make notes elsewhere, and the way I hold my iPad Pro, I’m forever invoking it accidentally. While you can turn the feature off for the pencil, you can’t for fingers…


Can you submit a report to that effect?

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I did through the Feedback app.

Same here, it’s maddening!

Why can’t I disable it?

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How do you guys hold the iPad? I’ve never accidentally started a note, but I love the feature. I use a Smart Keyboard folio.

Me too, on the 12.9” I hold it by the bottom corners

I really don’t mean to be annoying, but I think you mean iPadOS and not iOS, right? I only mention it because I’d love for there to be a way to access Quick Notes on iOS and the only way I know of is to long press and select New Note and it drops the note into Quick Notes. Not bad, but not ideal for me.

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