iPadOS - Revisiting Bluetooth Keyboards

Hey MPU Fam,

So I’m revisiting this post from a while ago (initial post: External Bluetooth keyboard)

On my M2 iPad Pro, I have the Zag bluetooth case. I recently got a second bluetooth keyboard for when I’m working my iPad at home rather than out and about. The protective case fits well on the iPad dock and it plugs it into a hub of sorts.

That said, I really like the set of modifier keys that are available when in the Zagg case. Is there a place in settings where I can “see” what keys are supposed to do what on the keyboard? There are a couple that I use relentlessly, First, the home key, which exits whatever app I’m in and takes me to whatever page of the homescreen I was on. The other is the app switcher keys, which moves me to the page with all open apps that I can swipe through. Finally, I use the lock key regularly as well.

I went to the modifier page, but what I’m trying to find is a “location” in settings that tells me how these buttons are mapped to tell the iPad what actions to run. It seems to me a lot like my streamdeck but for iPad functions. When I look at the modifier options in General/Keyboards/Hardware Keyboard, I don’t get any listing of the top row of keys (which I presume would be F1-F14 keys) or how they are mapped to do the shortcuts they activate.

Ok, does this question even make sense?