iPhone 12 Preorder Thread

So, preorders just opened. If you ordered one, what did you get and when are will it arrive?

In my case, iPhone 12 Pro, 512GB, Pacific Blue, October 23.

Still trying to get the 12Pro Max via the Apple upgrade plan. I only get the Remind Me button. Guess I have to wait for a notification from Apple. Kind of frustrating.

UPDATE: Just found out that you cannot pre-order the Max until Nov 6th. Not sure how this slipped by me. So I humbly admit: user-error.

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I really like the Pacific Blue but my wife wants that one so I’ll get the Graphite.

I too ordered Pacific Blue 12 Pro w/ 128GB. I had lots of problems with Apple website. It got lost twice on checkout. Restored with an empty basket but on final checkout I had triple of everything. I was also surprised that in store pickup was not available. Does that mean it was already sold out for their planned inventory for the store or do they disable on launch to reduce crowds in the stores?

I ordered the iPhone Pro in Pacific Blue, 128 GB. My delivery window is October 30-November 4th with expedited shipping. Looking forward to this upgrade!

I wanted to Pacific Blue but the arrival date was getting longer and longer so I stumped for the Black one… Oh well… will probably be sat in a case anyway!

Pacific blue pro 256 arriving October 23 for in-store pickup.

The Apple Store app seems to be the best way to do preorders. No trouble at all anytime that I’ve used it for preorders.

Pacific Blue Pro 256, delivery 10/23. I did the order pre-configuration in the Apple Store app, so checkout was speedy.

Pacific Blue 12 Pro 256gb for 10/23. I completed the prep work last night so only had to click “done” this morning. I did everything via the Apple Store app on the phone being upgraded. There was a delay getting to the live page but all was done by around 5 minutes after the top of the hour.

Pacific Blue 12 pro 256 for 10/23. Was very tempted by the 12 mini…but i do enough reading (books, research reports) on phone to think this mid size is still best. I am on annual upgrade plan…I really like this 11 Pro and likely wouldn’t have upgraded otherwise.

Anyone on here a Sprint Customer? I’m curious if you went with a sprint phone or t mobile? Or is an unlocked phone better?

I have a 6s plus and plan on buying the 256 IPhone 12 pro max.

12 Pro, Pacific Blue, 256GB as part of the iPhone Upgrade Program

I can’t believe how easy they have been making it lately. Pre-filling out all the paperwork made this morning extremely easy. I want to say it took about 2 minutes to order my phone, my wife’s phone, and all accessories.

Pacific Blue 12 Pro 128 GB, down from 256GB 11Pro. Found out I was only using 56 GB, so I saved a few bucks by going down to 128

Had trouble with the Apple store app. It kept kicking me out, so it bumped delivery to Oct. 30, so I get to pick it up at my local Apple store at 9:15 am , Friday the 23rd

iPhone 12 Pro, 512GB, Pacific Blue, October 23rd, no problems with the ordering process

Now wishing I would have opted for Apple store pickup to get my iPhone a week sooner. I’m out of practice on how easy it is to order from Apple apparently… still running an iPhone 8 Plus that I bought at a Verizon Store!

iPhone 12 - 128GB. I see no point in paying more for iPhone 12 Pro. Don’t play games so extra 2GB don’t really matter. Judging from iPhone 11 vs 11 Pro, daily camera use is about the same.

Lots of Pacific Blue in this thread.

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iPhone 12 Blue 128gb. Store pickup for me!

What cases did everyone get? I don’t want to hide the Pacific Blue…but I guess that doesn’t matter.

Normally, I go caseless. The only time I ever put any of my recent iPhones in the case has been battery cases when I needed extra power. However, with the addition of MagSafe I figured the cases might be easier to get on and off than they were in the past, opening up the possibility of keeping my phone naked most of the time but popping a case on in particular circumstances. To my eyes the only color that really looked nice with the Pacific Blue phone is the Deep Navy, so that’s what I ordered.

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