iPhone 13 Pro camera glory by Austin Mann

Austin Mann has done it again: his annual iPhone camera review is online:

And it is like it always is: mind-blowing. I am so looking forward to the new shiny. And my pictures will never be like his, but… well… :slight_smile:

In case that there is someone not knowing Austin Mann:


This item from his wishlist would be so great:

I wish I could turn off digital zoom altogether. I’d like it if I could choose between my “prime” lens perspectives of 13mm, 26mm and 77mm and nothing in between. Sometimes when I’m switching between lenses I accidentally get stuck in between and I’ve never found the quality of digital zoom usable. For this same reason, if I had the option I would also choose to turn off the lowlight digital zoom that happens with the 3x telephoto.


Digital zoom == unwanted distortion and pixelation. I always stick to optical zoom only.