IPhone 13 Pro with iOS 15 Siri on HomePods not recognizing the phone

There is already a rant regarding Siri. :slightly_smiling_face: Though related, this is different which is why I’ve started a new thread.

Both at home and the office, when I ask Siri through a HomePod or HomePod Mini, “what is my next event” “she” does not recognize the phone. “Her” response is as follows from all HomePods at home and the office even though the phone and HomePods ARE on the same wifi network:

Sorry I’m having problems with the connection. Check that your iPhone is on the same wife network as this HomePod.”

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Any known solutions?

I had this issue once. I’m afraid I can’t remember which fixed it, but I tried these things:

  • Disabling WPA3 in the router settings (believe this is in Labs, if you use Eero)
  • Disabling auto-join on the Wifi and restarting the phone and HomePod
  • Updating HomepodOS to latest and then resetting it

Did you get a new phone? Your HomePods are still attached to your old phone. Don’t remember how to fix it though. Mine are doing the same thing. Something I keep meaning to fix.

I haven’t had this exact problem, but just this week Siri started refusing to acknowledge a bedroom light (even though Home could control it). Super frustrating, since it had been working flawlessly for years.

I blame “update season” on this one. It was a few days before I could get around to restarting the HomePod mini — and by then it fixed itself.

I hate to say it, but turning everything off and on again is probably the first thing you should try. You could also check what version of operating system the HomePods are using. Last year I had one get stuck and it wouldn’t install version 14 until I intervened.

I’m with you on this one. Shortcuts that quit working, Apps that no longer accept a voice command. Siri acting like “she” has a hangover.

This has all the signs of “The hardware is ready and the software is good enough, ship it”

Thanks. I ended up removing and adding back all of my HomePods and HomePod minis. Everything is working properly now. :grinning:

Did you get a new phone? Mine does this every year, get a new phone, HomePods stay attached to the old one until I do something. I just can’t remember what that something is. Probably reset them. :slight_smile:

I did. I went from an iPhone X to the new iPhone 13 Pro Max. This is the first time I’ve had a new phone since purchasing the HomePods and HomePod Minis. I did the following:

  1. Erased my old phone
  2. Deleted the HomePods from the Home app on the new phone
  3. Added the HomePods back to the Home app on the new phone

I’m not sure that step 2 was necessary but those are the steps I followed. Everything is working perfectly now. :slightly_smiling_face:

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So this is funny/odd. :slightly_smiling_face: Curious as to what I’d get, I told Siri, “play music similar to Andy Williams.” Most of the selections fit.

Then, Mariah Carey’s Emotions starts to play. Nice song but I don’t see how it fits “music like Andy Williams.” But hey, perhaps I’ll listen to some Mariah.

Serendipity. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have mostly given up using Siri to play music by a certain song name or band. It gets it wrong more often than not. I find Siri to be fine in most things I use it for, but not music.

Siri was the only feature of Apple Music that made it better, IMO, than Google/YouTube Music which I get as part of YouTube Premium. When I gave up on Siri, I dropped my AM subscription.

The only reason I haven’t moved to Spotify at this point is because I find the One subscription to be a good value. I like Apple Music, but the apps and Siri are really holding it back for me. I am really hoping the Monterey version of Music is better than the Big Sur version.

I suspect if you had waited until IOS 15.0.1 it may have solved your problem. Hey Siri had stopped working on my iPhone 11, dictation was unreliable, even Instapaper had stopped clipping stories.

After the 0.1update all those problems disappeared and I haven’t discovered any new ones, yet. If Apple’s updates don’t include any security fixes, I’m going to start waiting a week or so before updating in the future.

I did wait. In fact, I installed 15.0.1 within an hour of it coming out. Unfortunately, it did not resolve my issue. I have no idea, but it could be because I was using a relatively old phone, iPhone X. At any rate, I’m happy to report that everything is now working properly.:slightly_smiling_face:

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I did…it did not.

20 Characters.

I guess I was just lucky this time

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I just fixed mine. I just erased my old phone and removed it from iCloud. Then I asked Siri to make a reminder and she replied something about needing to share my location and told me to go into settings to do so (before I erased the old phone she would say the thing about not being on the same network as my phone). So I went in to the Privacy>Locations settings and turned it on for the new phone. Now it works again.

I should write this down somewhere so next year when this happens again I remember how to fix it.

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I put my instructions in Apple notes for that very reason. I have a tech reference folder in Apple notes that I use for quick tech. reference.

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