iPhone Mount & Stand Recs (Apps too)

I finally got myself an iPhone, a 13 Pro. I’d love to hear your recommendations for a small stand for my desk (doesn’t have to charge) and a car mount. I really appreciate any recommendations you can give. If you want to tell me your favorite iPhone apps too, that would also be great. Thank you so much!

I’ve been using these for about 7 years. But they do put dents in leather cases.

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Magsafe all the way. Make sure to get a case that supports magsafe if using a case.

I posted some favorites here: What Little Things Have Brought You Joy? - #64 by Diane

If you get a magnetic pop socket disk, you can remove the pop socket whenever necessary or use other pop socket accessories like these vent clips: Vent Mount Phone Holders and Accessories | PopSockets®

Or look for magsafe vent clips. I don’t use a vent clip any more because I have carplay. The non-magsafe vent clips I had all fell apart in different ways, including the Kenu and a Belkin one.

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For the car, I like the Belkin MagSafe that Apple sells in their stores and online. Not cheap, but you’ll be using it often so you should just get the right one.

For the desk, I’m no help as I usually prop it on a book…

If you want a random app recommendation, try Drafts for quicker text entry than Notes and Knotwords for a light word puzzle game.

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I have one for my car that I absolutely love:

After years of plugging in a Lightning cable and fitting into my vent mount, I love just setting my iPhone on the magnetic pad, and off I go. I think it might charge at a slightly lower rate than an official MagSafe charger, but not having to plug anything in (this one charges, too), is worth it. Maybe the landscape has changed since I got it, but when I was shopping, the official ones didn’t charge.


Thanks, everyone for the suggestions. These are great, and I appreciate them so much.

I’ve been using iOttie mounts in the car for our older iPhones. Have it mounted to the windshield so it sits in front of the A pillar so it doesn’t block view.

I use a Belkin stand on my nightstand for charging the phone and watch. The updated version would probably work well for your application.

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I have this for the car and it is great, small footprint. Only problem is that it comes with a usb-c cable so if you dont have a usb-c socket in your car you will need an adapter, also the included cable is a bit short.

Benks Car Mount

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I second this! Works perfectly with my leather Apple MagSafe case.

Prior to this I had a non genuine case that was supposedly MagSafe - didn’t work!

My experience, buy this holder and a genuine Apple case.


Thank you all for these great suggestions!