iPhone Photos app vs Mac Photos app

Dear all,

This drives me crazy, and I want to start 2023 on a good note.
Everybody is so helpful here at MPU, so I have my hopes about solving this mystery.

In the iPhone Photos app:
I take a lot of photos with the iPhone - I love it.
In the iPhone Photos app, I often delete the photos I don’t want to keep AND I also add a Caption (for my future self - to remember the event).

All good, now we move our focus to the Photos app on the Mac:
In the Mac Photos app, it seems the Title is the main way to view personally entered photo metadata (to remember the “event”/photo). OK, I accept that.
(Additional reflection: it seems as if the Mac Photos app displays the “file name” if no Title is entered manually by the user. If a Title is entered this will be displayed in the Mac Photos app. Note: this is displayed if View\Metadata\Titles is checked via the Mac Photos app Menu).

My problem
I cannot enter Title info in the iPhone Photos app.

How do you, MPU friends, address this issue?

Sweet Christmas wishes to you all.

Are you talking about a title for a particular photo?

If so, I don’t title any photo. I put them in albums for particular events. Otherwise they go in a random album for that year.

I had this same question back in 2020, my workflow is described in this post.

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Thanks for your anwer geoffaire.
I wanted to understand if I had misunderstood the workflow designed by Apple - but now I realize: there is none.

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