iPhone SE announced, iPad Magic Keyboard ready to order

For all iPad aficionados out there: the Magic Keyboard can now be ordered. Ships next Monday to Wednesday. Educational discount is also available for it. Really excited to test it out.

Oh, and there’s a new iPhone SE :wink:


Educational discount is also available for it.

Nice. I had ordered from the main store—you just saved me ~$40!

Delivers to Canada April 30-May 7, and shipping hadn’t slipped in the first hour.


I was really expecting the Magic Keyboard at the end of May, so this is great news!

But I’m really bummed that the new iPhone SE has Touch ID. I guess it’s a cost-savings feature, but very few of my clients can use that. This model would have been the perfect upgrade for so many of them, but now I can only recommend it with reservations.

I don’t think Apple knows what a failure Touch ID is for older people and women. (Or worse, they know and don’t care.) Not using it means no contactless payment — a huge downside in our COVID-19 environment.

I’d love to read more or hear more about this; I admit this statistic has totally missed me so I’ve recommended Touch ID phones to women and elderly many times, hopefully not entirely to their detriment.

I believe that, in general, each system has it’s advantages and disadvantages, e.g. gloves or wet hands prevent TouchID from working correctly, direct sunlight on the sensor or face masks prevent FaceID from recognizing faces. However, I’d be interested to hear what exactly you perceive as a problem for elderly people and women?

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I’m with Apple on this one… had no idea. Why / how is it a failure for them? All of my older friends and women friends used it for years without issue?

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I would never have guessed that there would be an educational discount on the keyboard! Thanks!!


My 76 year old father’s fingers and thumb have skin that became hard… and they are not generating new skin and as such, he has difficulty to register TouchID. FaceID would work better for him.

I mean, there’s always going to be a small number of users who are unable to use technology as is. Someone with particularly bad arthritis may not practically be able to touch type, but I wouldn’t advocate Apple make a major change for everybody based on this. Though I must say they do go to extreme lengths in accessibility such as the voice control for Mac etc, and I love to see that they are taking all disabilities and difficulties seriously. I just wouldn’t have seen Face ID as one of them.

I’m curious as to how the original commenter implied it was an issue for women as well? any ideas?

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Interesting discussion. On Gruber’s podcast, he makes precisely the opposite point – older users prefer touch ID to face ID. Sounds like Gruber is incorrect on this one.

I bought the Magic Keyboard. Yes, it’s INSANELY RIDICULOUSLY STUPID EXPENSIVE for a keyboard+ Trackpad. But I use the iPad for a couple of hours every day, and now when I want to use it with a keyboard and pointing device, I have to position and turn on the keyboard, put the iPad on its stand, and put the mouse down. And those are a few items to juggle if I take the iPad into another room.

With the Magic Keyboard it’s all one thing. And it looks Apple-pretty!


Definitely looks like an awesome keyboard. Are you able to use the iPad in portrait mode?

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Don’t know. Haven’t received the Magic Keyboard yet. It’s due to arrive in

[checks Deliveries app]

13 days.

My Magic Keyboard is due on Monday, according to UPS. Looking forward to seeing it.

Oh, sorry for the misreading. I guess I’m a bit eager to know if the iPad is able to attach in portrait mode :sweat_smile:

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I can’t imagine it would work in portrait—it doesn’t use Bluetooth. Or do you mean can the case fold so that you can use the iPad without disconnecting it?

Then again, how does it connect…? I actually don’t see Smart Connector listed anywhere, and it obviously doesn’t connect via the magnetic strip on the side of the iPad Pro. Hrm.

I also don’t see how the Pencil attaches while the case is attached.

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Just some wishful thinking, I guess.

I really (really) enjoy writing in portrait mode, and was hoping that there would be some way to connect or simply hold the iPad.


The iPad Magic Keyboard connects via the smart connector on the back of the iPad (just like how the iPad Smart Keyboard Folio connects). This allows it to pass through power to the the USB-C port on the case and allow for charging without using the existing USB-C port.

The Pencil connects to the iPad just like it normally does. Due to the way the case is designed, the side of the iPad is unprotected, leaving it open to receive the Pencil. When the keyboard is in use, the Pencil would be on the top edge of the iPad. When the keyboard is closed, the Pencil would be on the right side (opposite the hinge).

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D’oh. I forgot they moved the Smart Connector to the back, and got it mixed up with the Pencil charging strip. Of course!

So yes, I would be very surprised if it the Magic Keyboard could be used in portrait mode.

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The earliest recipients are starting to show the Magic Keyboard off:

Edit: I found this Reddit thread insightful, too: