Ironic Software refreshes apps for Catalina

Well I never thought that Ironic Software was still working on their apps. I remember back in the day using Yep and Leap along with Fresh when Tagging and Spotlight searching were still young.

Now the apps are back and I’m curious to how they integrate with today’s workflows. Downloaded the trials and will kick the tires.


I always thought highly of their apps, but I never actually used them as much as I thought I would.

Will be interested to see what you think of the new versions.


The blog post on the linked site, referring to Catalina, is from January 2019. Nothing in their blog about Big Sur. So if there is devleopment activity, it might be in slow motion?

It’s strange because the have the new versions for download but nothing announcing their availability and their twitter account has been locked for a while.

Odd. The latest versions on the Mac App Store are two years ago. I have non-App Store versions from their website that were installed three years ago or more, and none of them report a new version is available (“Check for Updates”).

I :heart: Iconic Software.

I have yet to find anything as great as Leap that also creates a Word Cloud chart of tags used on files

As far as Tag Organization I think this is the best software.

Between this software and HoudahSpot I have my search needs covered.

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I just installed the PopClip Extension for LEAP that will allow you to search using LEAP by highlighting text then you can choose LEAP then it will open LEAP and then search for the file.

Popclip LEAP Extension

So it is great that LEAP is still being supported in this regard.