Tag Organization Software

There have been a couple of MPU shows on Tagging driven by Master Tagger Brett Terpstra I listen to them many times.

Here is a nice app that automates putting tags on files on a per-folder basis. I guess similar can be set up using Hazel but this one is done already.


Recently mentioned is Iconic Software “LEAP”
MPU Leap Topic

I particularly like the Word Cloud graph that I have not seen in any other tag organization software.

This is a nice Online app that creates word cloud graphs but you would need to have all your tags in some type of text list to use.

Tag Cloud Graph Generator

I probably will toy around to see how Obsidian can create visual graphs of Tags

So what is everyone using for Tag organization?

With my Monkey brain, I have issues with consistently creating the same tag names and have to periodically edit duplicates although I have set up some tagging rules to reduce this.

I would be interested to see what others are using to organize and maintain their tagging processes as there does not seem to be much software addressing this area, at least what I can find.

It’s probably way overkill for the sole purpose of organizing tags, but DEVONthink Pro and Server Editions offer a Word Cloud view too.


I have DEVONthink Pro so I need to start utilizing it again.

@xurc Thanks for pointing this out


That TaggyTagger looks interesting. Perhaps a bit of a conflict with Hazel regarding how it does actions based on tags. I’ve signed up for early access.

Still tinkering around with the Ironic Software stuff. Understandably a bit buggy with crashes and nothing has wowed me yet in discovery but I’ve only had a bit of time.

I kind of wish Apple would craft a basic framework for developers for dealing with Tags. It may exist but I’ve just never heard of anything so it. appears devs have to basically roll their own management and views for Tags.

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