Is Copied a Good App?

For some reason, Paste has stopped pasting for me on my Mac (even after a reinstall) and so I’ve cancelled my subscription. Poking about, it seems Copied is another good clipboard app. Anyone got any great (or terrible) stories about it?

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People have complained about very sporadic updates for the app but it seems like a nice app. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I use Copy’Em for Mac/iOS, and if you’re looking for a Mac-only alternative I really like PasteBot too.

Copy’Em’s Mac app has an editable and reorderable paste queue, does screenshots (screen, screen in 10 seconds, manually selectable part of screen, window with/without shadow), lets you search/sort by types of clippings (text, images, links, which app clipped from), lets you create multiple saved lists, and offers built-in text transformations (eg upper case, lower case, capitalize words, remove empty lines, format as paragraph, pastes text as a file[!], prepend or append custom characters, and more). The Mac app is $9.99, the iOS app is free, but if you want to unlock the iOS app and share clipboards there is an optional $6.99/yr subscription.

I have been using Copied for several years. Overall it works fine and I both the multi-item clipboard (which is available from a million different apps) and the fairly smooth “cut on my ipad and paste on my mac” which is frequently handy. I have found some idiosyncratic behavior with MS Office apps. Sometimes when I am doing a lot of work in an excel spreadsheet or word I disable Copied.

Alfred’s clipboard manager works for me. If you are already using the app, you might want to give it a try.

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I’m happy with it but development has been extremely slow and sporadic. It didn’t work for me on Catalina at all until very recently.

I would not recommend anybody switch to it. There are many other options, just as good.

After it was mentioned a few times here in the last few months, I started working with Copied again recently. Tried a lot of clipboard apps on i(Pad)OS, and none of them have stuck, but I’ve really appreciated Copied’s keyboard feature. I have yet to experiment with its text formatters and scripts, but for what it does, it’s serving me well thus far.