Replacement for Copied app on Mac and iOS?

Looks like Copied doesn’t work with Catalina. Anyone found a replacement that syncs across Mac and iOS?

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I use and love Copy 'Em Paste on my Mac, and they’re currently accepting beta testers for an iOS app. The Mac app has an editable and reorderable paste queue, does screenshots (screen, screen in 10 seconds, manually selectable part of screen, window with/without shadow), lets you search/sort by types of clippings (text, images, links, which app clipped from), lets you create multiple saved lists, and offers built-in text transformations (eg upper case, lower case, capitalize words, remove empty lines, format as paragraph, pastes text as a file[!], prepend or append custom characters, and more).


Well, sh—

Um, darn.

I love Copied but based on the paucity of updates I can’t say I’m surprised.

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Copied on iPadOS 13 and macOS 10.15.x are synchronizing for me.

Is there some announcement about “doesn’t work”?


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I’m also a former Copied user…and made the move to Paste after not seeing any updates to Copied for a while.

I couldn’t be happier with Paste. I like how visual the interface is and, while it doesn’t have some of the power user features that Copied offered, I find that it has the key features that I need and that it’s an intuitive and efficient app. While I mainly use it on the Mac, I sometimes draw from or add to my Paste history on my iPhone and iPad using their companion iOS/iPadOS app.

On a side note, Paste for Mac is included in the Setapp subscription (which is now 20% off as part of their Black Friday sale).


I had always thought Copied was a “shelf” app. Are these the same category of thing? If so, Gladys and Yoink are alternatives, no?


I use Alfred for this.

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I really hope Copied gets updated. Cross-platform javascripting transforms can’t be beat.

On the “shelf “side, I would definitely go with yoink. the support for the shortcuts app is really Robles Period he doesn’t have the same level of script ability or text transformations that copied has though. For me, I’m Catalina, copied just replicates everything on the clipboard three or four times. I particularly loved the drag and drop out of slide over on iPadOS.

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Same here: Copied’s syncing is working fine between Catalina and iOS but all items are appearing in triplicate on the Mac.

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I’m iPadless until next year but I use Yoink throughout the day as a shelf, even though I also own Gladys.

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It’s the comments in the Mac App Store that say that Copied doesn’t work with Catalina. The examples were specific enough that I didn’t want to chance it.

Copied grew unreliable for me, so I didn’t install it on Catalina. If you are not on setapp, Paste, as recommended by @timstringer, is on sale right now for $9.99 on the Mac and the iPhone version is free.

I have already commented above, but let me add to the comments about Paste — bear with me here.

I have a weird use case that may be an interesting point for this discussion - I use two iPads when I teach: one for a digital white board projected for students, and another for notes, resources, etc.

I have traditionally used slide-over on the “whiteboard” ipad to look at notes and resources, particularly since I can drag-and-drop images onto the whiteboard to present to students. Ever since iPadOS and the multiple slide-over apps feature, I have been able to have my notes and resources (images, etc) in two separate slide-overs, and I click a DEVONthink link in my notes to bring me to a specific image that I can then drag-and-drop in.

Unfortunately, even though I have the 12.9 inch ipad, there is not much room left over wether I use split view or slide-over to view my notes, etc. So I am constantly swiping in and away the slide-over so that I have plenty of space to write and manipulate.

A couple of weeks ago, when I was trying out some outliner software and couldn’t fit it well in the slide-over view, I had an idea:
What if I used a shelf app to “transfer” the images, PDFs, etc from my “notes” ipad to my “whiteboard” iPad? I thought, wow.

This could give me a bit of space so that I don’t have to use slide over on the whiteboard ipad. Unfortunately, Copied, Yoink, and even the native Files App synced too slowly to do this on the fly. These were the apps that I had already paid for and I thought since they all synced just as slow, it was an iCloud issue.

To my pleasant surprise, because of this forum post I remembered that I did like the Paste shelf look. I am also a SetApp subscriber, so why not. To my surprise…the Paste app transfers images/PDFs and text nearly instantaneously.

I do realize this is a limited sample size, but wow. I have tried it on cell and multiple WiFi networks, and Paste is way faster!

Thanks to all your contributions to this discussion leading me towards a wonderful solution to my problem — unfortunately it probably helps no one but myself, but thanks anyway.


But if you want to sync between Mac and iOS, the iOS app is $4.99 (11/27/19).

Hmm, I think the iPad version is $4.99 and the iPhone is free to sync. Still…

Good to know. Thanks, too. I should have looked before posting. I just assumed.

How about using the native Universal Clipboard in Mac and iOS ?

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Obvious question: Has anyone talked to the Copied developer?


I emailed him re issues in November 2016 and August 2017 and got prompt responses… no answer in February 2019. Last post in his twitter feed was also September 2017.

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