Is it possible to use 1Password with Safari more elegantly?

Due to security restrictions, things like 1password X are not possible for Safari. I used to turn off the keychain autofill and password-saving, but filling passwords with the local app still is a bit finicky, since the website is not recognized automatically most of the times. I therefore usually use Firefox or one of the many Chrome options instead.

I would actually use Safari all the way on all my devices if I could just use 1Password as the main Password manager. This is possible on every other browser, except Safari. Since I am having all my security stuff in 1P, I just love the ease of having access directly from the entry field or at least 1P recognizing the website without me having to search manually.
Does anyone here have a solution to this?

1Password X should work in the next iteration of Safari/MacOS as it will implement the standard WebExtension API that’s used by Chrome and Firefox.


I’m running Catalina and 1Password is working as expected. I have the 1PW Mac application and Safari 1PW extension installed.

The only time I’ve used 1Password X is when I was testing a Chromebook.

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Works great here as well (on Catalina).

And even better with the latest 1Password for macOS betas that include 1Password X like functionality in the browser extension.

What sites don’t work for you?


Have you checked that the URLs stored with your passwords match the sites you are logging in with? This was my issue. Oftentimes I found that the website used a different URL for account creation and therefore the site wasn’t being recognized when I returned to login. By updating the URLs in the stored password this was fixed.

Also note, you can add multiple URLs to the password entry as well in case you use the account across a few different properties.


Usually 1PX would also not work in that case.

Hearing that the next iteration of Safari helps with that is good to hear. Thanks guys!


Just short feedback on this thread: the newly released Safari is working super-nicely with 1password! Thanks for all the helpful suggestions in that direction- I am back using it as my main browser.


Thanks for the tip! I switched to the beta tier and the new Safari extension is really nice.

I sadly can’t use 1Password X because I’m not a user so I’m glad that they are still improving the extension instead of constantly trying to get people to subscribe


Growth is normally a goal of most business, but I think 1Password is really interested in building a good product. That is likely what has allowed them to grow to the point that large corporations like IBM and, reportedly, Apple have chosen to roll it out to all their employees. After using 1PW for twelve years I’m glad to see them doing so well.


I agree, but they reaaaaaaallly want you to subscribe. With each release it’s becoming harder and harder to buy a one-time license with no mentions of that option on the website whatsoever, and it only being accessible if you download the app through their website, open the upgrade screen and then find it on there somehow.

Then 1PasswordX being only usable with a subscription just made it look even like us non-subscribers are being left off.

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I really do dislike the need to have more and more subscriptions. BUT…something as important as supporting AgileBits so that they keep developing a great and safe product is very important!! Probably the most important sub that I have for software…

So, my annual subscription to 1PW is $28 CDN after the MPU discount. I can’t see why people are so unhappy with $2 and change a month, IMHO

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1PasswordX isn’t a standalone program. It’s only a browser extension which needs access to

I’m not surprised, I’m sure they would prefer to have everyone on the same codebase. And they probably don’t mind the extra $0.13/day :wink:


I’m not against supporting AgileBits. I have since bought every paid major upgrade they released, I just really can’t stand subscriptions for offline apps.
It’s more mental overhead I have to think, more stuff that accumulates as dead cost every month, and if I decide to stop because I go bankrupt, have job issues or what not, I lose access to my software. I’d much rather pay once and don’t have to worry about more stuff getting added to my monthly cost.

If it’s an actual service that I use that provides a valid reason why a subscription is needed (such as server cost) it’s a different story, for example I am subscribing to iCloud storage. I know 1Password has their service but I don’t need nor want that. I am happy with my local-only standalone 1Password :slight_smile:


I agree about the subs adding up. Believe me, I am REALLY picky what I will do that way. Even with my measly Canuck-Bucks!

To me the question is “Where are my passwords stored?” And as far as I can discern, the answer is “on our servers” except for the standalone version. Have I got that right? It’s really hard to tell from the website.

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That is correct. Which is why I’m on the standalone version too.

BTW I am testing DataVault which explicitly features keeping your passwords on your own machine. Import from 1Password possible but not great yet. Still working on that so haven’t converted but probably will.

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Yes, the sync service and each of your devices has a copy of your data.

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And the sync service is … where? Somewhere in iCloud, I presume? Who owns the sync service? Apple? AgileBits?

AgileBits owns it. It uses the same encryption as your devices, so it can be thought of as a central device connecting the others. Not necessarily the sole source of truth as you can make updates offline, and your offline device will inform the sync service when it’s able to connect.

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So, in essence, if you want to sync passwords between devices, you have to store a copy somewhere in the cloud.

What I would really like is for the sync service to push updates to my devices without storing a copy. That seems doable to me but AFAIK none of the password managers work that way.

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