Is my ear misshapen?

New AirPod pros, L one fits perfectly with medium tip. R one refuses to stay in my ear with ANY of the 3 tips. All 3 feel secure till I start moving around then it just slips right out. No one size is any worse than the other 2 just none of them seem to fit the shape of my ear canal. Anyone else have this issue and if so how did you fix it? Do those Comply foam tips work any better? Worth the money?

Yes, but still not great for me. They hold them in my ears better than the Apple rubber tips, but I still have to be careful and feel the need to properly push them back every once in a while.

After a year I can’t get a fit test to pass with any of the tips.

I like the Pros, but in the long run they just don’t fit well. In ear headphones never do for me. I should probably look into custom tips, assuming you can do that with the Pros.

No, not misshapen, just human variability.
I wound up returning mine because they didn’t fit well.

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FWIW, I really wanted to use AirPods (not Pros). I bought some and tried for the two week return window. Never got used to them. Constant ear pain. So, yes, some of us do not meet the Apple ideal ear form. :cry:

I’ll swap you my left ear for your right ear — I have exactly the opposite problem ears. I don’t like the AirPods fit – I’m always fiddling with the left ear to push it back into place. I think the random movements of walking (the time when I wear these things) jiggles them loose.


Add myself to the list of AirPods, (Pro in this case), returners. I took advantage of the recent sale prices to try to get noise-cancelling for 2/3 the price of some Sony WH-1000MX4s, but returned them last week because they hurt to wear and the noise cancelling, or contant ear pain, makes me nauseous.

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I have just regular ol’ AirPods and love them. However, I am a runner and they would always fall out when I ran. I found this product on Amazon and they work great now. These things are easy to slip on and off. I highly recommend them.

Yes, something like this looks like it might work. I don’t love that I’ll have to take them off every time in order to fit the AirPods back in their own charging case, and keep track of yet another little carrying case for the gym or workouts, but if it will keep the thing in my ear, for $12, I’d considerate it a win. Reviews mostly very positive too. Expect to receive by Monday, will report back.

I had similar problems where they would fit quite well in only one ear and the other was a constant struggle as it always started to become loose and eventually it would fall out, especially if I was walking. I tried all the Comply sizes, they were better but one of them still fell out with any size I tried.

In the end, it bothered me too much and I returned to using AirPods 2 and gave the Pros to my wife, she doesn’t have the same problem at all.

I had slippage with the Airpods, so I got Powerbeats Pro. The tips still don’t fit perfectly, but the ear hook solves the “falling out” problem. And Comply tips both add sone comfort and prevent errant ear wax from mashing up against the tiny speaker grille.

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I had similar problems with one ear always slipping out. I picked up a set of Comply tips which are better but still fail the fit test. Things seem to fit fine so I’m wondering if there is a problem with one of the microphones used in the fit test.

Someone else has recommended the Charjen Airfoams Pro Active Ear Tips. They are foam with a silicone shell so may be more comfortable. Thinking I may try them out even if the Comply tips are currently fine.

I love my plain old Airpods. Since they are pretty much the same size/shape as the previous Apple earbuds, they have all fit me well.
My wife, on the other hand - not so much. They seem a bit big for her ears and hurt fairly quickly. So she has a cheap bluetooth neckband earbuds from JBL with the little rubber tips that go inside the ear slightly. Work great for her.
Regarding ears and assymmetry, I never noticed that mine weren’t assymmetrical until I started wearing glasses. Evidently the horizontal line between my eyes is fairly level, but not my ears, the right ear being just slightly lower than the left. Eyeglass frames have to be bent a bit extra or my glasses lean and I look like a frazzled nerd. lol

I got these foam tips and they now fit perfectly.

Just dropping in to say that this is least likely topic title I thought I’d ever read on MPU :joy:


I’m dropping in to say this thread needs more ear photos. We’ll be the judge of your misshapen ears.


They are really easy to put on and take off. I really think you will love them. I am on my second purchase. The first purchase I made came with two pairs. After a couple of years I misplace one for each set. I was very pleased that with the second purchase, they came with three pairs!

For anyone still following, the Proof Lab ear hooks really do make a huge difference. Well worth the low price. Only had to reach up to press further in one time on a hard 2-mile tempo run, vs like every 40 seconds without them. They’re made of such thin, soft material I am surprised that they truly do add quite a bit of support. May invest in some memory foam tips to even further stabilize but I’d highly recommend to anyone with the same issue.

Update: while the ear hooks fixed, I’d say, about 75% of the problem, I bought a pair of memory foam tips from the same company (Proof Labs) to see if that would even further improve on fitting/slipping issues. I can say once again that I tried all 3 sizes included and still did not notice any improvement – if anything I’d say the R one fits even a little bit worse – vs the regular apple tips. They were fairly inexpensive, so I don’t think I’ll send them back, but will be going back to regular tips.

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