Is the Fujitsu ix500 still worth buying?

I’d love a scanner to reduce my paper. Have tons I’d scan. Would love to go mostly paperless. Thoughts of whether the ix500 is still worth the buy? I ask given the recent stuff regarding the software and issues people have had.

bought one a year ago to replace the 10 year old fujitsu. But most of the scans I do with the iphone (into applenotes). Bills are most of the time already digital.

So you bought a scanner but don’t use it much is what your saying?

I own an ix500 and a SV600 from Fujitsu. For the ix500, I still use the old 32bit software because it just works and because there seem to be wifi issues with the new software and the ix500. The ix500 is “connected” to my iMac. If I use the SV600, I use it in combination with my Macbook Pro.

Would I buy the ix500 today? No. Because if you want to go the Scansnap route, the new model (ix1500) has more options (display with some nice configuration options), it probably will be supported longer by Fujitsu, its price already has come down a bit (just checked and found it to be even cheaper than the ix500) and you get four licenses for the “nice” new software instead of only getting a single license.

If I had to buy a new scanner today, I would either go for the ix1500 or I would buy a Brother ADS-2800W (I use the Brother at work). The Brother scanner is able to scan without any software into my local network and from there I can do whatever I want, using Hazel and stuff like that. No restrictions whatsoever. If you scan weird paper formats or business cards or small receipts, the Fujitsu software is still worth it. If you scan standard paper sizes, I would lean more to a scanner like the Brother.

I do not think that there is a “one size fits all” answer to your question…

More details and very diverse opinions can be found in the numerous threads in the MPU forums.

sv600. I have one too. Had plans, but…never used it. It’s not a timesaver.

What I have used and still am using the sv600 for is:

  • Scanning historical books, some of them more than 300 years old (not kidding). There is no way that I would lay a book like that on a flatbed and it is no option to cut the book’s back in order to scan the pages… :wink:

  • Scanning scores (music). Same as before: the flatbed route is not feasible. Destroying the books is not acceptable, either.

The combination of the hardware with the Scansnap software leads to really great results as far as I am concerned.

For those two use cases I do not know of any device that is capable of performing in a way like the sv600 does (in an affordable price range that is).

I could find a replacement for the ix500 in a heartbeat, if I had to. I could not do that with the sv600.

(Sorry for leading this thread to some degree into a off-topic direction.)

glad the SV600 software is fine. Maybe some day…