Is there any advantage to Gladys over Copied?

Copied is an essential app for me but I keep hearing great things about Gladys. Copied seems to me to be as good or better than Gladys in every way. Am I missing something?

maybe this will help?

Different types of apps.

Copied is a multiple clipboard. On the Mac there are others that do more, like PasteBot and Copy 'Em Paste (I use/prefer the latter).

Gladys and Yoink are document shelves.

On the Mac I use both.

I use another app called DropZone that has the same functionality. It’s just a place to temporarily park documents manually. If I’m working on a research paper and want to have links to PDFs, documents and my stats data, I can make copies or aliases for all of them and drop them in DropZone. Then I can make a separate folder on my desktop (forgive me) where I can pull all those copies from DropZone and drop them all at once into the folder.

On the Mac Yoink leverages QuickLook for peeking inside shelved files. It also implements force-touch for selecting, pinning or (what I use it for) revealing original files in the Finder. Each iOS device has its own shelf, but you can access each one separately, even from the lock screen with its widget. It can also be activated remotely via either a shortcut or Siri, and it has Handoff support. That in addition to having a clipboard history (which I don’t use).

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Does not seem to address the question, alas. On the iPad, Copied can function as a shelf app and seems to do everything Gladys does and more.

I should have specified that in my original post. I’m intersted in Copied vs. Gladys on the iPad in particular. Mac use cases are a little different.

Yes, in MacPowerusers its helpful to know when people aren’t talking about Macs. :wink: Although Gladys and Yoink are both cross-platform, to different degrees. I have Gladys but I use (cross-platform) Yoink instead because of its power and usefulness on the Mac.

I don’t use it but the site for it specifically and repeatedly refers to being a clipboard for “text, links and images” - not files. Like I said earlier, these are two different types of apps.

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The podcast and this forum (an extension of the podcast) incorporates more than just the Mac just listen to Katie’s last episode.

I think people just need to be clear with their questions and also not assume anything when giving answers.

This is not the podcast.

Precisely. :grinning:

This forum is an extension of the podcast.

But it’s not ApplePowerUsers, the podcast itself was focused on Mac (haven’t listened in recent years tbh, might’ve changed) and as you rightly point out people should say what systems they’re using without us expecting us to be mindreaders.

I like both but neither are quite there yet…

… I’d like a shelf app cum shared clipboard that can run actions against the items, ahem, “shelved”. :slight_smile:

By that I mean something like Shortcuts or Drafts. Or maybe Scriptable. But definitely lightweight and also sharing across devices / operating systems. I don’t care what the actions are written in. Toy - like Shortcuts - or Javascript or Python. Doesn’t matter much.

Now maybe I can adapt what already exists. That would be an interesting project for this team: Operation Advanced Shelf. :slight_smile:

They considered ApplePowerUsers and didn’t want to get sued. Listen to the current episode.

Macpowersusers has grown and people have to grow with it.

And if people aren’t clear with their questions, just ask a few questions.

Thanks for all the info Dudley.

I have to wonder whether Apple has been evaluating the various shelfs to see if they might implement something (scriptable?) themselves. After all, the shelf concept was effectively used in the NeXTStep OS, and its utility is pretty obvious on iOS.

You’re welcome! Here to help!:grinning:

And I find those templates valuable on the iPhone and iPad. Less so on the Mac, where it’s easier to type.

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I’m aware of that. But thanks. However. It’s not as full functioned as a “build your own filter in javascript” would be.

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