ISO: Recommendations for inexpensive wireless input mic

I do lectures using my MBP to capture video. I tend to run around the lecture hall quite a bit. My voice is not captured well.

I have looked into wireless mics. I naively purchased one that apparently does not to work with macOS (lesson learned – ask first).

I am aware of the question about recommended mics for Podcasts. This is NOT what I need.

Does anyone have a recommendation for an inexpensive (under $50) wireless mic that works with macOS? I have a 2013 model that has the mic input, and therefore I prefer a mic jack connection.

Alternatively, I had a brainstorm. Perhaps an app exists on iOS/macOS that will allow me to use the input mic for my iPhone and transmit that as a recognized input device. Any ideas on this?


A wireless mic, under $50, that will record out to a Mac all ‘around a lecture hall’? I doubt it.

How about a basic, dirt-cheap lavalier mic connected to a portable recorder (or iPhone) on your person, then later syncing the audio to your video? Lavs and a body-recorder of some type is standard fare for a lot of YouTubers…

Otherwise, something like the Rode Wireless GO has taken the market by storm, but for $200. For around $120, the Samson XPD1 Lavalier wireless USB setup is an option.

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I should say, it is a lecture room rather than a lecture hall.

This is too much work after the fact.


I find it odd that this one that I bought for under $50 says that it should work on a PC but it does not on a Mac.

As it is, I may have to up my expense account or just hang closer to my system (or get a really long mic cable).