Microphone Recommendation - XLR & Broadcast quality

Looking for some recommendations, user feedback on microphones for podcasting, screencasts, video voice-over, etc. It will be XLR. I know the hosts have the Neumann KMS 105 and speak highly of it. Budget is sub-$1,000 (but would rather spend less than more…want to get good quality as the first criteria). Any thoughts or recommendations?

Bob Heil makes great mikes as well:

Marco Arment has an extensive review on his blog that could be helpful.

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I really think the Shure BETA 87A is one of the best bang-for-the-buck options out there.


Good lower-priced overview at the non-profit Transom.org website, although your budget seems much higher:



I’ve been using the same Audio Technica AT4040 for about 15 years for all of my voiceover work. It has paid for itself many, many, many times over. Someday I’ll spring for a Neumann U87, but until then, I’ve got all I need.

FYI Sweetwater, one of the most highly-respected music/audio shops around in the US, just posted this:

Also see this year-old article from B&H.