Issue after upgraded to Monterey

I decided to start a new thread on this as I have a few issues, also linking my other post

The main issue I am facing is the random SSD reject but only due idle mode. I have an external SSD (Samsung EVO 1T) that is plugged into a Mac mini external HUB . The SSD is working perfecting fine under Big Sur. However, since upgraded to Monterey, I have experienced these errors, but only in idle mode

Does anyone has similar or other issues after upgraded

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Looks like “eject” not reject.

Try to eliminate the middle – plug the SSD directly into the Mac if possible and see if the ejection error reoccurs. Use Finder or Disk Utility when you actually want to eject the device. If a direct connection does not cause errors, then it’s possible that the hub is the culprit.

correct, it is eject, not reject, sorry for the typo

since it is an external SSD it is a bit hard to plug the SSD directly into the Mac without going through some sort of adaptor. Also this does not explain why it has been working fine in Big Sur and now only having issues when idle.

The error would not show up when I am using the Mac. I may have to get Apple support to look into this but they may say this is not their own product (HUB and SSD)

What do you mean “some sort of adaptor”? If you’re just using a regular USB / Thunderbolt drive cable plugged directly into the Mac’s USB / Thunderbolt port, that’s what @anon41602260 is almost certainly talking about.

The problem comes when you’re running through a USB hub or something along those lines.


This just happened to me with a bunch of USB-A connected drives. They spontaneously ejected. I’ve also been having major lag/stutter using a MX Master 3 connected via the unifying dongle. It seems there’s some bugs in the USB-A system.

I’m on a 2017 5k, so I’m not sure if it’s an issue on Intel machines specifically.

Hmmm, is the SSD installed inside the hub?

I think the point was to first isolate if there is an issue with the Monterey and the hub, or Monterey and the SSD.

correct, it is. This is one of the good features of this hub

@webwalrus , I just released that I was wrong in saying that the SSD is external, it is actually an ‘internal’ SSD from Samsung. 860 EVO SATA 2.5" SSD 1TB

hence I need an adoptor of some sort. Sorry for the confusion

I think we have terminology getting confused here.

“Hub” is typically a device that takes one USB or Thunderbolt or whatever port and turns it into a bunch of them. Is that what you have?

Or do you have the “internal” SSD installed in some sort of dedicated, external drive enclosure that effectively turns it into a regular external hard drive (something like

Can you link us to what you have?

this is the link to the HUB in the previous discussion

Hope this is clearer

Ah, that makes sense. Yeah, that’s a hub. Never seen one of those that you could install a hard drive in before. :slight_smile:

SSDs connected to hubs historically have problems, off and on, with various versions of macOS. It has something to do with the Mac effectively going into a power-saving mode during sleep, which disconnects the hub, which disconnects the hard drive in (or attached to) the hub.

If you can find a dedicated external enclosure to try the drive in, that would be the next logical step in troubleshooting. See if a direct-connected drive also exhibits the same problem.

Apple will probably log a bug if you report it, but I wouldn’t expect them to be able to do much about it.

@webwalrus thanks, I was think along similar lines too. Interested to know from @Christoski has similar issue, not sure this is a more common issue with Monterey, May have to wait a bit for more feedback to come out from the communities

It’s not just Monterey. I was having a similar problem with Catalina and Big Sur. It just seems that for some reason you have been able to escape the issue. But, yes, it has to do with the way the Mac hibernates/sleeps/whatever-it’s-called-now. I think it’s specifically part of the power saving features built into the OS.

My recommendation is to turn sleep off and see what happens. As mentioned the hub may be powered down when it sleeps. I never allow my desktops to sleep but just have the d8splay turn off after a few minutes. Power usage is negligible.

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