Issues connecting 2019 15" MacBook Pro to two 1440p 34.14" Dell ultrawide monitors

What is the procedure to connect my MacBook Pro to two Dell UltraSharp 34 Curved USB-C Monitor: U3419W ? I think that I’m missing something.


Just did this today with an LG, what issue are you facing? The spec sheet suggests you should be fine, I had to watch the power as LG is 60w but your 90w so should manage?

Suuuper jealous… Just sayin’.

I tried 2 USB-C cables and that didn’t work. Should the cables be USB-C to HDMI?

Was one the cable that came with the monitor?

Certainly should just be plug in, select the input on the monitor and it displays, I didn’t need to do anything else with mine.

Usb c to HDMI will work but only for picture and sound, not additional USBs if your monitor has that.

Edit: should have checked, what MacBook Pro are you trying to connect? USB C will only run from the 2016 onward, if you are on a 2015 then you need to use a thunderbolt 2 to 3 adapter to then do usb c to usb c and even then I can’t say if it would work as never tried.

The HDMI out on the older MBP will not connect to usb c.

I am trying to connect a 2019 15” MacBook Pro.

Yes, each monitor came with 1 HDMI cable and 1 USB-C cable.

I can’t really think of anything obvious that would block it.

The process I followed for my LG (which should be the same principle) was power on the MBP, log in so I’m in the desktop on the laptop itself.
Then plug in in USB-C to both monitor and MBP and then switch on monitor, make sure USB-C is selected as input and it just runs.

I just had a quick search for your model of monitor and there seemed to be some firmware issues with USB last year but not directly related to your issue

Maybe try updating the firmware if it’s not already on this.

I can’t think of any settings on the MBP that would prevent it, it should just show up in the displays section of the system preferences.

Should I buy this USB-C to HDMI cable?

Cable should work, but I would expect a much cheaper option from amazon, I’m in the U.K. and out equivalent of best buy are quite expensive.

You just need to make sure it’s HDMI 2.0 to get 4K at 60hz. The one you linked is from what I saw.

The cable “supports resolutions up to 4K” and is six feet long, so I assume that it’s at least HDMI 2.0.

Both monitors have a native resolution of 1440p at 60Hz. Are 4K cables overkill?

So managed to find from the product code the main manufacturers site and then looked at reviews, there is one left by ‘clem’ on the 9th May to say it only works at 30hz for 4k.

Personally as your monitor is capable of running 4k, I would go for a cable that supports it to give you options, there is no detriment to having it.

I did a quick search on amazon for USB c to HDMI 4k 60hz and it obviously gave loads of results but just picked the first space grey one

That would likely be what I would go for - cheaper too. If you end up running at 30hz, you will really see it when you are scrolling and moving the mouse, its not great for long term use.

From what I can tell, that isn’t the same cable.

I thought my monitors are only capable of running 1440p at 60Hz?

That cable looks great, although I wish I could physically pick it up from a store or get it delivered at an earlier date. I’ll buy it if I have to though.

Do I have any other options that would suit my wishes?

You could go for DisplayPort, it will run 4K @ 60hz and tends to be the preferred option for gamers on monitors.

Again I would say vastly overpriced but you could get it assuming you have a Best Buy locally.

I’m not going to be doing any gaming though.

Does that rule out DisplayPort?

No not at all, will work just as well for productivity, sorry I was just using that as a reference.

I ended up buying this cable.

I’ll pick it up today and tell you how it is.

I picked up the cable earlier today, but I’ll test it tomorrow.

No problem. In the meantime its been bothering me that the USBC to USBC connection wouldn’t work. I just want to check you followed this process -

Even the simplest thing like not having the screen open or keyboard connected at first will stop it working?

If the HDMI cable doesn’t solve the problem, I’ll try that.

I’m about to test it in an hour or so. Stay tuned.

I have succeeded in linking my MacBook Pro to two monitors by using one USB-C to USB-C cable and the other cable being USB-C to HDMI. Both monitors are now fully operational.

@Ethan9482, is there a way to mirror the dock on both monitors without checking the “mirror displays” box?

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