“It’s me, not you” I tried but can’t like Carrot Weather

I’m sure that “it’s me, not you.” It seems like every time a weather app is mentioned on a podcast, the host or guest or both sing the praises of the Carrot weather app. I’ve downloaded it multiple times only to end up deleting it. Why? From my perspective:

  • The graphics are too cartoonish
  • The layout and fonts, the overall GUI, makes it much harder to quickly digest the weather compared to the stock weather app, which integrates with The Weather Channel app.

  • I tried all settings for “personality.” They are all irritating.

So, once again I deleted it.

I know, “it’s me, not you.” :slight_smile:


Same boat! I’ve tried to experiment with it several times, and each time it’s straight back to being deleted.


I’d think that “cartoonish” maybe not be a bad thing for some? I use Carrot on my Watch and iPhone mainly because it seems faster and more reliable than the alternatives. Maybe performance depends on where one is? Anyway, yes the design is a bit janky and I never use the snark-mode, but Carrot is fast – and I like that scrolling day-by-day hour-by-hour display shown in your screenshot.

(From the reliability perspective, Dark Sky seems to have fallen into the Slough of Despond since Apple bought it.)

Agree. After some research, The Weather Channel app, is the most accurate for my area. Weather service accuracy depends on one’s location.

I’m sticking with WeatherUnderground. It’s the most accurate for the crazy north Florida weather swings.


I find the visualization better in Carrot Weather vs the stock Weather app. I do think the stock Weather app looks more professional and “clean”. But, I like the visualization of the temperatures going up and down. I also like the ability to dive into the future days’ written descriptions.

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I like I said, it’s obviously me. :grinning:

I have about 8 weather-related apps installed on my iPhone (and I’ve deleted some others) and I have still yet to find one that I really like.


Snoopy is cartoonish.
Why do you hate Snoopy?


Not at all! I don’t find any weather app perfect, to be honest.


No but I don’t have to look at him every day and give him $30. :joy:


well, you could… but you definitely don’t have to :wink:


I think the reason people like it, isn’t the graphics or the jokes (but I do find some of them hilarious), it’s the customization. You can set it up to show the info you want to see, especially with the Watch. I like the app myself.

Carrot Weather 5.0 is coming soon.

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Not sure if people know about this site, but it’s handy to see who has the best track record in your area. Foreca has had the best accuracy in my area for years. Another good thing about Carrot Weather (at least if you pay) you can pick your source. Foreca’s app is terrible, but I can use it in Carrot (and still use Dark Sky’s rain prediction). Unfortunately The Weather Channel dropped support for Carrot Weather a couple of years ago though.

This is the site I used to determine accuracy. Unfortunately Carrot Weather does not give me the best choice which is why I’m using the Weather Channel app.

Carrot weather source options

I also like the Weather Channel’s display of information.

Sounds like our dog (who, oddly enough, is a beagle :slight_smile: )

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I’ve tried Carrot Weather but didn’t like it. On my phone and iPad I use the Apple Weather app. I use Dark Sky for the alerts only; it seems to be pretty accurate in my area. On my Mac I use the menu bar app Forecast Bar (through Set App).

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I’m not that big of a fan either. I got the app a while ago, but after a short time using it, I noticed the data was not accurate all the time and the interface was a little confusing to me, so I deleted it.
Decided to give it another shot after iOS 14, to try the widget.
Now I have a weather stack on my Home Screen with the system weather as the main one and Carrot as the second showing a different set of data (Feels like, wind, precipitation).
Since I don’t have to interact with it much anymore, It’s fine.


Living in Hurricane prone Louisiana it is indispensable. Plus some people might not like the jokes but I find them hilarious.


I like Carrot because of customization on widgets and Apple Watch. Being in a tropical country, temperature doesn’t mean much because its always hot or hotter. Carrot allows me to have a Rain forecast on my Apple Watch by the hour.