“It’s me, not you” I tried but can’t like Carrot Weather

Need to mention one more item regarding Carrot Weather. I used Dark Sky and whatever Apple provides and avoid paying for weather app. I live in Southern California, we don’t have many changes in seasons. :joy::joy:.

I have the same, because in the summer I must play weatherman for the multiple events (including church services) we host in park.

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Living in a zone that sometimes has hurricanes I like the app Windy.


I tend to just look or go outside for the weather, and living in Cyprus it’s either sunny for nine months of the year or so unpredictable, small island large mountain range in centre, that it can be a rainstorm a mile away and bone dry here, or blow up a Downpour in a matter of minutes, so the best any weather app manages is generalities.

I did have Carrot for a while for it’s novelty value but ditched it a long time ago.

If you go to the iOS privacy labels of the Weather Channel app, you will see they do a lot of cross-site tracking, while Carrot does not. Carrot it is for me (with as much of the silliness disabled as possible).

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@anon85228692, which I do appreciate but the weather sources in Carrot are not reported as accurate as other sources. My first priority for any weather app is accuracy. :slight_smile:

That is absolutely fair. :slight_smile:

Like all third party apps, Carrot Weather drives me nuts because its watch complication isn’t allowed to update as timely as the system apps.

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I found that it was the only one that was a tad reliable, that’s also the reason why I stay with Carrot.

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You speak for me, too!!
Tried it, couldn’t stand it and found it ugly!!!

Ditto. Carrot’s complication updates without prompt for me – which is one reason I killed off DarkSky (which never updated) in favor of Carrot on my Watch.

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I like Weatherline as do jsnell. Nice widget.

Nice app.


I’m glad you said it. I subscribed for a year and just let it expire. I’m a professional pilot and use many apps for weather. Aviation weather is great for about 48 hours out but to get an idea of the weather beyond that I like Dark Sky and Weather Underground. Radar Pro by NOAA is also very good and has overlays. But I never really got Carrot Weather. But that’s me.

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Hmmmm… The Dark Sky complication on my watch always updates instantly. Won’t do Carrot Weather because of the bad attitude.

The built-in weather app’s complication updates more frequently than third-party ones. I wonder if Apple extended that same largesse to Dark Sky after the acquisition?


Carrot Weather has just updated to a new version (5, I believe), with a new interface and increased customization options.

I already enjoyed the app, but I believe it could be a better fit for those who didn’t enjoy the previous version.


Absolutely. You can now design Carrot to be a totally standard weather app… And now I fully like it :sweat_smile:


I just checked out the new design. It is much improved but unfortunately it still lacks the most accurate weather sources for my area. In a weather app design is less important than accuracy so I’ll stick with my current app.

I’m ok with the stock Weather app on iPhone but I couldn’t find anything I liked for iPad until recently, when I stumbled onto BeWeather. I haven’t given it a very long trial but so far I like it!

I MUCH prefer Apple’s weather app. I find that Carrot has been less than accurate.

“It’s going to rain in 15 minutes.” And then it doesn’t.

Plus I still recall the bad attitude when I first started using it. I turned it over to a more subtle aspect of the app but somehow I never forgot what I believe was just rude. (But it is only a silly app, after all.)