I've been using a Dell P2419HC, but I'm thinking about swapping for an Ultrasharp instead; suggestions?

I picked up a Dell monitor (https://www.dell.com/en-us/work/shop/dell-24-usb-c-monitor-p2419hc/apd/210-aqco/monitors-monitor-accessories) a few weeks ago, and while I like it well enough, I’m wondering about the actual sharpness and brightness and whether swapping it for an Ultrasharp (https://www.dell.com/en-us/work/shop/dell-ultrasharp-24-usb-c-hub-monitor-u2421he/apd/210-awkg/monitors-monitor-accessories) instead.

Obviously, one of the perks is the USB-C type hub in the monitor, but I’m wondering about other experiences. Is the image quality enough to justify a bump in price?

Maybe take a look at this topic.

Comparing the specs, the Ultrasharp has a wider color gamut and that USB-C hub but nothing else. You couldn’t ask for a more identical spec sheet! I can’t see a reason to switch unless you need it for photography or video. But in that case you should probably go for a 4K monitor.


That’s kind of what I was wondering. Working with photography is more aspirational, but I don’t know about how the the actual text renders, if that makes sense.

I’d love a 4K, but that’s a bit out of my range, I think.

I got a 4K Samsung 28” for €300 last year, and it’s been great.

The image is sharp and it works well with both my Mac and Xbox.