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That keyboard! :sunglasses:

How does typing on ‘normal’ keyboards treat you, after getting used to that?

I’m still learning it, and have been using Epistory to help with that.
Switching back and forth isn’t a problem. Humans and other animals have context-sensitive motor programs, which is why we can walk in the ocean, then on dry land, use pliers and tweezers equally well, etc.
I used to have two Harley Sportsters, one was a 1972, so the brake and shifter were reversed. Didn’t have any problems switching between that and my ‘96, which had them on the correct sides.

Back to the keyboard, it’s pretty awesome. I’ve programmed my own layout, based on Dvorak. There are plugins such as SpaceCadet that allow you to have keys with two different functions, dependent on whether they are tapped or held. For example, if I tap left-shift with my thumb, it types a left paren (, but if I hold it, it functions as shift. I have other thumb keys set up for brackets and curly braces.
I’ve defined a Hyper key (Ctrl+Cmd+Opt+Shift) to me used with Keyboard Maestro shortcuts, as well as a Meh key (Ctrl+Cmd+Opt), and even one for the modifiers used for Magnet (Ctrl+Opt).
It’s good stuff. Ordered my second one yesterday so I don’t have to transport them back and forth.

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iMac - A Retrospective


The G4 is probably my favorite design ever

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