July 2019 Sales and Hardware/Software Deals

Font Preview - Font Effects temporarily free in the Mac App Store. App lets you preview and compare fonts. A bit simplistic (there’s no window resize, for some reason) but still useful for the price.


Thank you to @bowline for keeping these monthly posts coming. They are very useful. It’s good when forum regulars go the extra step to help the community like this. Great work, @bowline! :clap::+1:


Thanks @Bowline! You have so many deals going!

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Don’t enable him! He costs us money!


It’s SummerFest time!



Summerfest has some good deals. Note that the coupon does not work on upgrades if you already own an older version of an app. So BBEdit, for example, is down to $40 with the coupon, but the upgrade price is unchanged at $30.

What software are you using from those?

And I bought HoudahSpot just yesterday. :slight_smile: Without the SummerFest 2019 coupon that is. :cry:

Still, it is absolutely worth its money even without the discount.

@r2d2, hopefully you do not mind me answering: I am using BBEdit, TextExpander, PDFpen (Pro) and HoudahSpot from that list.

If it’s file search, can’t Alfred or Spotlight meet your needs?

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I bought HoudahSpot last month. I’m not getting a lot out of it (over Spotlight). I probably need to watch a screencast about it.

The others that I own:
Tinderbox (rarely used)
BBEdit (purchased yesterday)
SpamSieve (Not stellar)
Aeon Timeline (Not used)
Bookends (my ref mgr of choice)

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Yes and no. You have a point, though! :slight_smile: What I like about Houdah Spot is the ability to go crazy with options when looking for a file and I like the user interface. For instance, I know somebody who works together with me in two completely different areas. Sometimes, I want to find a file that contains his name somewhere in one context, but I do not want to see files that have a different context.

Yes, a lot (!) can be done with the finder and to be honest, I do not know too much about Alfred’s capabilities when it comes down to search (I really should change that), but I really like Houdah Spot’s interface. If you have the chance, have a look at Don McAllister’s screencast:

A free alternative to HoudahSpot is EasyFind. I have been using that before for years. Don’s screencast convinced me to try out Houdah Spot and I like it. It works fantastically in combination even with SMB shares on my Synology NAS (I use Synology Drive on that device). It even hooks into the files’ content on this device (yes, the Finder does that, too).

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HS & Alfred complement each other well - see discussions at


BBEdit (haven’t upgraded to v.12 yet)
Nisus Writer (use it very rarely)
TaskPaper (use it occasionally)
HoudahSpot (use it multiple times daily)
Trickster (no longer use it)

I lovelovelove BBEdit, but it’s no longer my daily driver (for me, that would be Ulysses and IA Writer, mostly), so I never upgraded. I figured I would if that coupon could be applied to upgrades, but sadly it can’t, hence my warning above.

I depend on HoudahSpot for sophisticated Spotlight-based searches.

I no longer need a sophisticated word processor, but Nisus is probably the best out there next to Microsoft Word (and better in some ways).

TaskPaper is a good outliner but I opted to switch to the more powerful OmniOutliner; OO had a recent dramatic price increase for its Mac/iOS versions, so I’m wary of recommending it now.

Trickster is a neat menu bar utility but I found I wasn’t using it so I uninstalled it.

I also have a several-versions-old copy of PDFpen, but I should trash it. I’m very happy with Readdle’s PDF Expert instead.


It’s only artisanal software if it’s from the Portland area, otherwise it has to be labeled Hipster Wine.


Target has the Apple Watch Series 4 GPS & Cellular 40mm Space Grey Aluminum with Sports Band for $400 (20% off).

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Macy’s Deal Of The Day, today only:

The current 2nd-gen Airpods (with regular, non-wireless charging case) 30% off, $129.


StackSocial has for $29.99 the Mighty Mac deal:

  • CleanMyMac X
  • WALTR 2
  • Dropshare
  • ActiveDock
  • Folx Pro
  • Chronicle Pro
  • MacPilot
  • VPNSecure: Lifetime Subscription
  • CrossOver 18
  • 150-hours lectures in The Complete Web Developer Bundle

I own and regularly use CleanMyMacX, MacPilot, WALTR2. I occasionally use Folx Pro (a download manager), and I own but don’t use ActiveDock. For the price this is a pretty decent bundle:


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Amazon Deal of the Day (13July)
1 year of Washington Post $30
Here’s the link: WaPo deal

I purchased CleanMyMac and love it but I didn’t realize it will not work with Mojave. So, once I had Mojave installed, CleanMyMac could not be launched. My only option now is CleanMyMac X. I was hoping this bundle is for the perpetual license, it’s just a cheaper 1 year subscription.

I originally bought CleanMyMac for $19.95 in 2015, and happily paid $44.95 more (with coupon) for the one-time purchase upgrade last September.

In my opinion, given the cost of this one app alone, that bundle above is worth it, even for a 1-yr license (which sells direct for $34.95).