June 2021 Sales and Hardware/Software Deals

I haven’t played with Monteray yet - will it work for images not in the Photos app?

I like TextSnipper for quickly grabbing text from images on the web or from slides during Zoom presentations.

The SAMSUNG T7 Portable SSD 500GB is at its lowest price ever at $69.99 on Amazon.

“Monterey Has No ‘A’!” is how I’m trying to remind myself how to spell Apple’s new OS.

To answer your question: I’m not 100% sure but I assume so, yes. But apparently only for M1 Macs.

Or “it’s not the Manta Ray” :smiley:

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Now I want macOS Killer Whale. :grin:

Just remember this:

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At the Mavericks keynote, Federighi was jokingly suggesting “Sea Lion” as a potential evolution from Mountain Lion. If they’d gone that direction you’d have been one step closer to your wish. :smiley:

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SummerFest 2021 of Artisanal Software Fest is here:


25% off for tinderbox, scrivener for macos, panorama x, mellel, devonthink (and all devontechnologies’), textexpander, smallcubed mail suite, bookends, pdfpen, easy data transform, houdahgeo, nisus writer pro, houdahspot, aeon timeline, imageframer pro, trickster, hyperplan, itaskx

If you’d like a specific Mac app for these video services:

I have these apps, although I watch things on the Apple TV than the Mac, I find them worth having, and for $2/each they’re an easy sell… if you’re interested.

You can get them for $2 each by using the code secret75 from the developer’s website.


Does the YouTube app really block ads? That’s about the only one I would watch on my Mac.

It does. :slight_smile: It still will have a blip in playback, but you won’t actually see the ad.


Ha! Oops, but yeah - thanks for the catchy phrase.

The one app I am looking for, iA Writer, is not here :frowning:

Gave up waiting for iA Writer discount ages ago and bought both Mac and iOS. Was lucky as iOS version $ went up since then.

I do not believe I have seen iA Writer on sale ever….not in the last few years for sure…Happy to be corrected on this.

This is the last month for Affinity Serif all apps & utilities 50% sale. Affinity Photo and Designer is such a joy to use in mac and ipad. I have not use Publisher, but bought it just in case…

I thought so too.

AFAIK they only changed the iA Writer price in the past year. Based on their new pricing scheme, I think the macOS price reduced while iOS raised. I notice that when I wanted to give iA Writer to my SO but the price is higher than I can remember.)


oh, that’s bad news to me.

I paid full price for Mac & iOS, no discount. iOS was cheaper than. It went up sometime last year from less than $10 to current price.

Ugmonk, makers of Analog (thread), are having a 20% off sale until Midnight PST.

July deals are up