June 2021 Sales and Hardware/Software Deals

Bundlehunt releases Epic macOS Bundle.

Bought Iconfactory’s Tot which is half off currently at 10 bucks


Any recommendations for Apps in the Epic macOS bundle?

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Very useful app. Paid full price previously for iOS which is not cheap for iOS app, but Mac companion is free so just divide by 2. $10 now is worth it :+1:

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Honestly I also don’t find any of those apps interesting. Mail Archiver X got my attention but reading that it’s quite a resource hog (as stated in MPU Forum: Email Backkup Strategy #12), hesitates me.

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Depends when and how often you run it.

Perhaps Studies. As a much nicer looking and Mac native alternative to Anki. But that’s about it. Like with many of these Bundles, it’s a lot of shady/useless/end-of-life apps.

Yeah. Lots of junky / knockoff type apps, with very occasional gems.

Personally, I’m debating if iStat is still worth it. :grinning:

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+1 for Tot and iStats Menu. I bought two iStats Menu, one for each Mac. It’s really an indispensable tool.

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Tot is not part of the “Epic” bundle though.

According to The Iconfactory’s twitter, Tot for iOS will be on sale for $9.99 until June 11

The Daring Fireball blog entry on Tot mentions that it’s like the Note Pad desk accessory on earlier Macs. :cool:

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I don’t understand the use case of tot. It seems like drafts could do the same thing and more. What am I missing?

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I’m looking at cloudmounter and mail archiver x

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I picked up Mail Archiver X.
For that price it’s worth a shot.

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If it doesn’t work for you then get to save some $ :grinning:. Have Draft subscription and still paid for Tot because for some use cases, float which to me is better than Draft’s version, looks nicer and only 7 dots which forces me to execute & clear those important notes. Then again, I have tonnes of similar applications, bad habit of constantly buying software and hardware.


There’s a good discussion on using Tot (also mentions alternatives) here

SteveNY had a good comment

Some might need Drafts and there currently is a free version. Drafts Pro is currently $29.99/year and has more features (like dark theme) of course.

There’s also the new Quick Note feature on iPadOS 15 which might be an alternative.

Notes goes systemwide with Quick Note, a fast and easy way to take notes anywhere across the system. Whether browsing in Safari or finding a restaurant on Yelp, users can bring up Quick Note anywhere to jot down a thought and add links, providing an easy way to get back to exactly what they were looking at.

I use Drafts and plan to try Tot. Maybe I need a glider and not a 747?

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My “glider” of choice is Unclutter or a non-affiliate link if you care. It doesn’t sync to iOS, which is actually exactly what I want—and it integrated with a clipboard manager and a “holding place” for files as you move them. Three actually go quite well together. Used it for years and love it.

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Katy Floyd pointed me in the direction of Unclutter, and use it numerous times per day. Love how it disappears until needed.

Just a point about syncing to iOS: There were times that I was out and about, and wished I had access to some notes in Unclutter back on my Mac. So I simply changed the location of where the Unclutter notes are being stored, to my Box synced folder on my Mac. That way, if needed, I can use the Box app on iOS to get access to them, and run a search.

Thanks for reminding! Bought that on sale a while back and totally forgotten to install on new M1 machine. Not sure why I stopped using it. Need to try it again

Great suggestion. For me, lack of sync is a feature and not a bug—I sync via Apple Notes or Drafts—because it’s a temporary holding space for text. But that’s a great idea; doesn’t hurt anything and it gives access “just in case” I’d ever need it.

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