June 2022 Hardware and Software deals

Upcoming discount (starting tomorrow) for iOS and MacOS password manager Strongbox.

Source: tweet of Strongbox May 31 2022, 2:04 PM.

⭐️ Heads Up! Upcoming 20% Off Sale ⭐️

This Weekend - June 3rd - 6th

20% off on all new licenses (iOS/MacOS, Lifetime, Zero & New Subscribers for the first year only).

Please do consider purchasing a subscription (as much as you hate subscriptions!) 😎

— Strongbox (@StrongboxSafe) May 31, 2022

Thanks to @Christian

new summer bundlehunt is up


I use Syncovery in Windows and it’s a great tool. $5 for Mac is a steal, except if you are using a MacBook and do not have a lot of storage. In that case, you don’t want to synchronize your folders.

Anything interesting in this bundle?

I don’t know most of these Apps and looking at some screenshots several of these Apps look hopelessly outdated…

I suggest you take a look at MENUBARX PRO

I’m trying Paletro and liking it.

I have licenses for older versions of AirParrot and Reflector.

However, doesn’t Monterey act as an AirPlay receiver now?

Do these applications still add value?

Was also wondering this.

I cannot speak to the utility or the worthiness of Parrot or Reflector. But I can state the my Mac Studio shows as an Airplay destination from my iPhone and iPad.

As to casing music from my Studio (and previous Macs), I use Airfoil from Rogue Amoeba for years and am quite happy with it.

This is the only item in the bundle that looks interesting to me. Currently trying it out.

So I played with regular AirPlay and when I mirror from iphone to Mac, it seems to only allow full screen on the mac. From the videos about Reflector, you can resize and also cast to windows computers.

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Agenda Premium for 9.99 at stacksocial


Pixelmator Pro is on sale at 50% off.


$10 Target GiftCard with $100 Apple gift card purchase when purchased online
Expires Jun 18 (today)

Amazon Kindle Edition
A World Without Email: Reimagining Work in an Age of Communication Overload
by Cal Newport

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There is at least one distinct difference. The MacOS built-in feature displays the remote machine’s screen at fullscreen only. However, Reflector will display the remote machine in a resizable window with an optional frame which mimics the look for the device. Therefore, you can have an iPad screen within what looks like an iPad frame. This could be preferred when sharing the iPad on a video call from your Mac, for example.

Flying Meat is celebrating its 20th anniversary and has Acorn and Retrobatch on sale for $20 each.


Hadn’t heard of retrobatch. How do you use this in your workflow?

I don’t! But I did download it since it was on sale and I use Acorn and the devs are practically my neighbors. I am going to play with it some day. There’s actually quite a bit I do w/screengrabs in my publications and I bet I could create a workflow that makes them look nice and uniform without much effort.

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Retrobatch is excellent - I regularly use it for resizing images (workflow embedded before Shortcuts came about which would do it). I also use it for removing GPS location data and creating files with specific names, as well as thumbnails at the same time. Combining images, date stamping and converting.

Again, I believe that Shortcuts can do some of this now, but Retrobatch did it prior to Shortcuts coming to the Mac.