June 2024 Hardware/Software Sales and Deals

(A new thread in case there are more deals this month)

Affinity has a flash sale with 50% off everything (€90 for a universal licence covering Designer, Photo and Publisher on macOS, iPadOS and Windows instead of €180):

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… and Craft (which has recently had a couple of major releases with lots of updates) still has 30% off for the first year.

Monarch (personal finance/budgeting) is offering 50% off an annual subscription for new users (affiliate link).

I’m not sure, but I think referral links are not allowed according to rule 3 of the FAQ?

However, here’s a regular link for a similar deal (50% off for first year):

(Or just use code MINT50?)

I forgot about the MINT50 promotion they’ve been running as well. I shared the affiliate link because I thought it was the only way to share the 50% off promotion (which is supposedly for a limited time), and that’s why I disclosed it as an affiliate link.

Target Circle Deal: $10 Target GiftCard with $100 Apple gift card purchase
Eligible with a Target Circle membership
among other terms and conditions, Limit one coupon/deal per Target Circle account.

Working Copy, a GitHub client for iOS/iPadOS, offers a lifetime Pro unlock discount of 20% during WWDC week (making it €20 instead of €25).

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50% off PDF Expert lifetime license

Just noticed this and thought I’d share the link in case anyone is interested