Just some love for Paletro

Just had a moment of appreciation for the wonderful paletro (Paletro — Command Palette in any applications) app this morning. I’ve used it for many months as a super quick way to access menus from the keyboard. It has become such a time-saver for so many different things. A great example I just came across: I have spent much of the pandemic working from home, where my streamdeck is set up. Usually I sort my emails using a series of KBM macros to send mail to the proper folders. But today I’m back in my office without the streamdeck. But I just realized that with paletro you can send mail to the proper mailbox just as quickly. Shift-command-P (my paletro command), the first few letters of the mailbox, and return. Super fast!
Anyways, a great $7 utility.


To add to what you shared, @Aroddick

It’s worth noting that Paletro is also available on Setapp.

In most Mac apps, you can press ⇧⌘/ to search the menu structure. For example, if I search for “Send” in Mail, I see all of the menu commands that contain “send”. I can then use the strong text↑ and ↓ keys to select the appropriate menu command and :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: to perform the command.

This built-in feature can also be very helpful for copying and moving messages within Mail and for accessing history and bookmarks in Safari.

While this works well, the user interface that Paletro presents is a step up from the built-in menu searching in some ways.

Most notably, all of the search results appear in a single window. I also noticed that Paletro will expose features in third-party apps and services that don’t show up in the built-in search feature and won’t show commands that are unavailable (e.g. because no email is selected). For example, here’s what I see when I use Paletro to search for “send” while in Mail.


Yes! And the Paletro window also lists the most recent commands, which can be a memory trigger to also speed things up. (I’ve found this particularly useful for deep menu ecosystems, like Devonthink)


Good mention and tips here including the ‘recent’ feature of Paletro. I’ve found it quite useful and another feather in Setapp’s hat…

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This blew my mind. Thank you!

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