Katie Floyd's Home Office



And I just got back from the supermarket with my EarPods in listening to MPU and I smiled big-time that I got a mention! As a footnote, my plastic bench/desk was where I wrote my book THINK DECIDE ACT and is still the ‘studio’ I record my interviews from.


I really like that clean desktop. It reminds me though of an employee once who stepped into my superintendent office just after I had spent a considerable amount of GTD time sorting all “stuff” neatly into 20–30 binders in alphabetical order. He looked at my empty desk and asked:

– You’ve got nothing to do?

Little did he know but it was hard after that to not leave any papers “behind” as a “proof” of real “CEO” work.


Very nice! I have the same keyboard and loooovvveee it. If they ever stop making them I will be like Walt Mossberg and buy about six of them.


This is incredible, Katie! I need to look into that keyboard, I’m sick and tired of buying batteries for my old Apple Magic Keyboard, and the lightning one is too expensive!!


What an amazing work space


Lovely workspace Katie. Really agree with your comments on MPU+ about getting by with what we can afford, there no point in trying to continually upgrade tech and workspaces just to impress everyone else. If we have the financial ability and it makes us more comfortable or more productive then great but we’re all here to primarily get the most out of what we have, thanks for reminding us of that.


Loving this setup! It looks so clean and tidy… love the desk especially.


Love the set up. We also have a bonus room. My wife and I share the space and run our 9 person company from very similar space.


If you ever find yourself in Memphis, you will need to visit the Pottery Barn outlet store though be warned it can lead to buying outstanding deals! Love the setup. Thanks for sharing.