Keep It (From reinvented software)

Still really liking this app. I shared most of my folders with my wife and it seems to be a much simpler tool if you have my folders you want to share. I think my wife will like this better than the DEVONthink hacks I had before. It is admittedly not quite as powerful as DT, but leaps and bounds easier to use and definitely better to look at(imho).

Anyone else take the keep it plunge?



Really enjoying it as well. Been using it a few weeks and finally dumped 400+ notes from DEVONthink in this past week and it’s holding up really well for me.

I dumped all 1800+ Notes/documents from Evernote. Working really well. As I said, it’s definitely not as feature rich as DT, but it has almost all the features I used. And it really is way easier to use.

FYI this summer TheSweetSetup’s Josh Ginter noted that he is now evaluating Keep It, and so far he likes it so much he thinks it could replace Bear in his workflow

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Their implementation of tags is superior and easier IMHO too.

I plunked down for both the Mac and iPad versions. Right now I’m mostly saving webpages to it to keep track of stuff I’m researching online.

I’m using it dimuhar to how I used EN. Mostly OCR’d documents, which the app searches very well. Version 1.5 will have some improved in looking forward to as well.

Hi there,
So I hear you are using it to save web pages. How good is their Web clipper related to Evernote’s?

The one thing that stops me from using Keep It is it doesn’t remember my place when reading a pdf or other note. If I’m on page 12 of a pdf and leave the app and then come back, it jumps back to page 1.

Is that normal behavior or am I missing something?

EN web clipper is much better, however, you can easily save webpages in MacOS. It’s a little more difficult in IOS, but if you have Workflow, you can download a workflow that makes it easy.

I’ve been testing KeepIt, and the only thing i miss from EN is the web clipper. However, I hear the developer is making improvements, so hopefully a better web clipper is in the works.

How do you prefer to save web pages in macOS? I’m aware of two ways: (1) converting to readability and saving as PDF and (2) webarchive.

Chris, how are saving webpages, just the text or the whole page with illustrations?

Does it do Markdown?

Yes. It has excellent MD support.

The emaciated lower two points in the star icon still annoy me to no end:



Looks very promising. I have a huge Devonthink library of academic PDFs and am considering moving them to Keep It. So far it seems to be more lightweight, have most of the features I use without the ones I don’t. I might miss built-in OCR and scripts, however, the developer seems to be just as responsive as Devonthink’s. I am going to try moving a few projects over this week and see how they go.

I’m saving the whole page.

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I’m looking at it, too. EN is good enough for me, but … will it still be around? Web clipper is definitely a great plus for EN.

FYI I use EagleFiler on my Mac (migrated to it from DTP a couple of years ago) and here’s a script to use PDFpen to perform OCR on PDFs in EagleFiler. Don’t know if Keep It can do anything similar. Maybe?

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You can copy an entire webpage. On iOS at least it requires workflow but works flawlessly