Keyboard aficionados, avert your eyes

Keychron Q10 just landed!

The Alice layout is just what I’ve been wanting. Also of note: there are two B keys (X to us Dvoraks), in case your fingers are indecisive.

Heavy, feels well made. I’m glad I got the Gateron Brown switches, as they sound really good.

Not sure what I’ll use it for, but there’s a knob.

Interesting that it’s setup for Mac by default. Windows users can flip a switch and change keycaps.

Light show to be toned down, but here’s a short video.


This blue color is gorgeous… I’m not a keyboard aficionado by any means (I’m still rocking an Apple Bluetooth keyboard that I got back in 2012) but this one might make me a convert.


I may have to drop my old, old, old (old) GoldTouch a few more times hard on the floor just to justify needing this replacement for Christmas. :smile:



Very nice. I’m using a K8 Pro and am very happy with it.

What prompted to you switch from the Drop CTRL?

can first column be used for keyboard maestro??

Still using the CTRL on my Mac. I think this one will live on my Kubuntu box, which I’m using more than my Mac lately.

  • I like the Alice layout, especially with the added macro keys. @Kraftwerk I assume these could be configured for anything, like F18 to run a KM macro.
  • I think the ergo design will help with lingering RSI. I like the idea of ergo layouts, they just make sense, but split keyboards don’t seem to work for me for some reason. I think it was not having the halves in a fixed position.
  • I think the thumb keys will help some with my dislike of having modifiers under my palms. I.e tucking your thumb, or taking hands off home row.
  • The Drop configurator doesn’t support some of the things QMK is capable of, such as double-tap (obligatory Zombieland link, tap-hold, etc. Kmonad might be a workaround, but I never got it to compile on macOS.
  • Wanted to try some different switches (yes, could have swapped the ones on the CTRL).
  • It’s blue :slight_smile:

Thanks! Yes! It looks really nice.
I’m tiring of black, gray, silver, white.


Wait, what? What happened to Manjaro?

And blue is good. :slight_smile:

remember to take breaks, stretching helps, and remap commands to the keys closest to your fingers so there’s zero travel, avoiding switching between mouse and keyboard too much.

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It looks very nice, but what’s the logic behind the modifier key layout?

On the face of it, Control and option are in the least comfortable and efficient position, and even the command keys require an unnecessary stretch of the thumb. These are all keys you use hundreds of times a day, so why put them out of the way, and have the much more rarely used Fn key in prime position?

This is so counterintuitive for an ergonomic keyboard that they must have a logic behind it, so I wonder what it is.

So relieved to hear I’m not the only one with an indecisive “B-Finger”. :rofl:

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Wow, that is a satisfyingly muted sound. I love Keychron’s color lineup.

I’m also wondering what happened to your Manjaro setup, curious if you jumped ship for the same reasons I did (broken packages, unstable drivers). I love KDE, I wish it was easier to theme GTK to match.

Maybe get a cat so it will be an “accident” :slight_smile:

The struggle is real.

I did some measurements, and the distance from A to the Ctrl key is the same as on the Apple Magic keyboard (2"). The distance from where my right thumb lives on the space bar (between N and M) and the command key on the right is actually less on the Q10 than the Apple Magic keyboard (1" vs. 2.25").
I’ve found today, that I’m using the left side of my palm to press Ctrl and Option. Don’t know if it will last, but it means I don’t have to move from the home row.
All the keys can be redefined, so Fn could be reassigned to any other key.

The Esc and Del keys are a stretch, so I will probably redefine other keys for them.

Someone online pointed out that the F6 and 6 keys are on the left side, rather than the right. I actually hadn’t noticed. The 6 key is only about 0.5" farther from the J key.

I heard that they had jumped the gun releasing an M1 release, and that this has been a general trend with the maintainers, so I decided to jump ship early on before I became to invested.

KDE Plasma is one of the reasons I liked Manjaro, and chose Kubuntu when I made the switch. It looks nice, and operates nearer to what I’m familiar with. I don’t want to make window manager tweaking my life’s work.
Like Ubuntu, Kubuntu has LTS (Long Term Support) releases that should be stable and carefully updated.



I assume 2.25" for the right command key is a typo – on my Apple keyboard, it’s directly under the , key, so just under 1" to right of mid-n/m – but fair enough, I can see how that’s perfectly usable.

The control key doesn’t particularly bother me, because I remap Caps Lock (and Return) to control anyway, so no issues there. It’s the option key which is the one that stands out for me. Not having a second one on the right is awkward, and the left one is roughly where the control key is on a standard keyboard – too far out to be comfortable without moving the thumb on the left hand. Ditto the arrow keys – navigating by word means having to move both your hands far from the home row. (Though TBF I almost never use the arrow keys – that’s what opt-b/f are for, which makes the position of the single opt key more of a problem…)

Anyway, it’s all personal preference and I hope you enjoy the keyboard!

Yeah, different on a laptop than the AM keyboard, the space bar is shorter.

Couple of days in, so far so good.
I’m sure the tweaking will start soon enough.


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Mostly off-topic, but I just saw this and thought of you:

Edit: link is clickbaity. It’s Dvorak.

After 15 years! Thanks!

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Very happy to have this for the iPad software keyboard. The iPhone I don’t know if I’ll change since swiping feels meant for Qwerty…


Something like this is what I had in mind before the Alice seduced me, siren of keyboards…