Keyboard Maestro iOS trigger app

With KM9, using a Streamdeck as a controller has come to mind, but I thought repurposing an old, unused iPad Mini to trigger KM could be awesome.

There is an app for this made by Stairways, but it was last updated 5y ago and is not very attractive. I’ll give it a spin in the morning.

BTT and Remote Keypad-Numpad-Keyboard may do the job more attractively.

I was thinking of getting an extended keyboard a la @MacSparky , but an adaptive screen could be way better for KM.
Does anyone have experience of using an iOS device to trigger KM?

The KM MIDI trigger lets you execute a macro when a MIDI packet is received. So I wonder if any of the innumerable MIDI controller apps can be made to work with KM.

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Have you considered using Scriptable or Shortcuts alongside triggering your macros with the Remote Trigger?

“iMaschine 2” is a button pad for music, but you might find a way to use it for KM!

Here’s a workaround that I use.

  • A Shortcut that creates a text file with a specific name, saved in iCloud or dropbox.
  • In KM, a macro that uses the “This folder” trigger, with “adds an item.” Basically, turns KM into Hazel.
  • The action uses a modified if condition, called “For Each Item” that checks the name of every file in the directory. When it finds a file, you can then delete the file and trigger another macro, or perform more actions.

    Okay, on second thought, there is probably an easier way, haha!!!

I’ve not tried it, but Elgato has Streamdeck as an iOS app. Looks like it is meant for phone, but should work for iPad, just not as well.


The latest Automators has Sal Soghoian and his amazing-looking Panel method for doing this kind of thing.
I played around for half an hour and I’m very excited by this.

It basically lets you turn your iPad into a TouchBar (well, that’s my take).

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