Keychain v. 1Password

I recently got a Macbook Pro with an M1 Pro chip, and I love it! I particularly like the Touch ID feature in the power button that logs me in to the machine and to web sites using Keychain. This brings up my question.

I have been using 1Password for years, moving away from Safari’s Keychain. However, 1Password has been a bit of a pain, with the hotkey breaking every time I upgrade the app or my browser, forcing me to reload one (or both) in the right order to get it going again. Now I can’t seem to get it to work at all.

But then my new Macbook just gets me in with my fingerprint, and I’m wondering if I should go back to relying on Keychain for my login info, especially with what I’m hearing on how it’s improved. Thoughts? I would still use 1Password for other stuff like Secure Notes, and Keychain for the day to day stuff.


1Password unlocks with both touch id and apple watch.
Using the early access beta I haven’t had any issues using 1P on my new 16" MacBook Pro


I configured Cmd-\ to fill in login fields, but I can’t get it to work on any of my machines now. That capability was the convenience I loved.

For me, the problem with “cmd-\” seems NOT to be with 1password but with other apps that insist on using the same shortcut. Not sure if that observation will help you, but maybe check for conflicting assignments to that combo. Like you, I rely on “cmd-\”.

As to your bigger question—should you switch—the determining factor should be how you use 1Password. If you use many of its features beyond mere password-keeping, you will sorely miss them switching to keychain. You may also miss the cross-platform access that 1password offers. If you don’t use any of those things, then perhaps it’s an easy decision to rely solely on Keychain.


That shortcut works fine for me.
Maybe check with shortcut detective and see who is getting the keystroke?

Also, I use both keychain and 1Password. I don’t think it’s an either-or forced choice. They each have their strengths.

The thing I find annoying is when everybody wants to give me the password on some window, and there are overlapping popovers.


Hmm not sure - but using cmd + \ is filling ok on websites for me.
Apps can be a bit more hit and miss.
Which use case is failing for you?

I plan to keep both and use Keychain to do logins. I realize that that limits me to Safari, but I’m reducing my use of Chrome due to it being a battery killer.

My biggest issue with 1Password, and I have been using it since vs 1 I believe , is when they decided to make thier key commands universal - meaning regardless of what program you are in, command+\ triggers 1PW. It used to be you could tell it which program to use the shortcuts in - Safari only for me.

My issue with the change is my software (Logic Pro) - I use that key command all the time to run Logic, and I don’t need 1PW taking it over. There is no reason 1PW should be working in Logic. I had a long, tiring, conversation with the tech support people at 1PW (online and in thier forum) and they basically said, tough cookies - we are not changing it back or giving you the option. (one tech person didn’t even understand what I was talking about and why I wouldn’t want 1PW everywhere.)

So I use Keychain a lot more now then I did - it still use 1PW because so much of my stuff is in there and it will be a while to transfer it all out. I’ve also started looking at other options and will not continue my subscription with 1PW when it is up. Bitwarden seems to be pretty good.

Actually, command+\

Ah- sorry. Yes.

My workaround is to set the 1PW keycommand to a ridiculous keystroke (comm+opt+shift+Control+~) and use Keyboard Maestro to trigger it only in Safari. But, my argument is we shouldn’t have to do this. Why does 1PW need to always be the active key trigger?

Son, (I assume), you need a hyper key!
Change CapsLock to cmd+opt+shift+ctrl and your life will be all fuzzy kittens in green meadows.
I use Karabiner-Elements from to do this.

I use Karabiner as well. Logic Pro has so many key commands that I need every last one, and I use the Hyper key a lot in Logic as well.

Just keep 1PW out of my life other than when I want it - I never need passwords unless I am in Safari. I can understand this may not be true for everyone - or anyone else but me. But they had the option for 6 versions - why not just give us the option, even if it is turned off by default? Why take it away?

(this was my argument to them, falling on deaf ears. As you may be able to tell, it is a really bugger for me, not sure it is worth the effort and angst :slight_smile: I’m over it not, really, I am. But…)

How is this possible? I need 1PW in electron apps, native apps and web pages. I haven’t used the shortcut key yet though…

Maybe I’m missing something…

I am not sure, but for me that’s a pain to maintain.

Ok, sorry to derail the thread - I promise not to dwell on this:

Yes, you can customize the keystrokes, but you can’t limit which app these keystrokes commandeer*. Any app you are in, hit that key command and 1PW takes over. It hi-jacks that app and its key commands. Yes, there are workarounds, but I argue there shouldn’t have to be workarounds.

I’m sure this is true. For me, I never need 1PW in Logic Pro, Reaper, Dorico, and Final Cut Pro. and key commands in these apps are precious and many. I am in these apps 8 hours a day every day. Why does 1PW insist on taking up a key command in these apps?

@brookter deleted his post, but this was pretty much the response I got from Agile Bits - sucks to be you. I had a customer service rep pretty much say we don’t care what your use case is, you can either change years of muscle memory or stop using 1PW.

I know I am in the minority and 1PW can’t and shouldn’t account for every end use case. I no longer fit within thier designated workflow. My solution was to stop using 1PW. It’s to bad too, I still think it is a great program, just wish we had an option to limit it.

*I misremembered. There wasn’t a setting to limit it to certain apps, it just didn’t work in apps other than browsers. They changed (vs 7 I think?) for it to be universally available in all apps.

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For the record, my post had nothing to do with 1Password – didn’t even mention it.

It was a joke about which key to use as a Hyper key with Karabiner (don’t use Caps Lock, because you need to remap it to ‘Control on hold, Escape on tap’: use F12 instead). I deleted it because on reflection I didn’t think it added anything to the discussion, that’s all.

I see. Just seeking understanding. Thanks for explaining.

Sorry, @brookter - I mis-read your meaning and I apologize. The way I understood your post was the way 1PW responded to my query: basically, you’re wrong, we are right, and you have to get over it. Thank you for clarifying your meaning and I am sorry to call you out on something you didn’t mean.

@JohnAtl - no problem at all. I do admit I am a bit over the top on this - and I apologize to the board for going on and on and on.

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That’s fine – no harm done!

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